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Album Sales Chart – Week Ending 10/5

Posted By on October 8, 2008

    As expected T.I. topped this weeks sales charts after he sold over 577,673 copies of his new album “Paper Trail,” marking the third straight release from TIP to debut number 1. The only other rapper to make the top 10 was Young Jeezy, selling another 41,000 copies of his appropriately named album, “The Recession.” Weezy dropped 3 spots (to 13th) after selling just under 35,000 copies while The Game dropped 5 spots (to 18th) with an additional 29,000 of Kanye West’s favorite Paparazzi fighting spot, L.A.X. DJ Khaled added to his food budget by selling close to 14,000 more of his album “We Global.”

    On the R&B tip, Ne-Yo did drop two spots to number six but only lost 10% in sales from last week as he sold over 72,000 copies of his “Year OF The Gentleman” album. Rihanna continues to be a “Good Girl Gone Bad” as her album bearing the same name gave her number 19 after it pushed just under 28,000 copies.

    Ah Nelly, oh poor Nelly. He dropped 12 places this week all the way down to number 32 after only selling under 18,000 copies (a 20% drop from last week) of his “Brass Knucles” album. This puts him at a total of around 120,000 for 3 full weeks.