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Album Sales Chart – Week Ending 5/11

Posted By on May 14, 2008

    This weeks album sales for Hip Hop and R&B weren't anything to be excited about. Mariah Carey continued to move towards the Platinum status selling another 87,000 copies putting her at 828k total. The Roots only sold another 20k, remaining under 100k total in sales. Rick Ross went gold selling another 17,000 with a total of 501k.

    Notable artists off the radar were Flo Rida who sold 10,600 copies to put him at 224k, plus Trina who got 7,300 copies of her album bought, to break the 100k mark. Shawty Lo also broke a 100k sales when he moved 4500 copies of his Units In The City.

    Next week the Kidz In The Hall and Bun B will compete as they both release new albums.