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Album Sales Chart – Week Ending 5/4

Posted By on May 7, 2008

    This weeks sales charts aren't that impressive. The Roots new album Rising Down only sold 53,900 copies despite appearances from Common, Dice Raw and Saigon. Lil Mama's V.Y.P. (Voice Of The Young People) debuted at number 2 with a sales total of 18,600 discs. Rick Ross continued to move a decent amount of his Trilla album, selling 18,300 units this week,  making it close to the Gold status (484,000 copies).

    Atmosphere, who debuted at No.1 last week, drop to No. 4. selling 14,000 units this week while Flo Rida sold another 12,800 copies to put his total at 214,000 so far. Snoop Dogg's Ego Trippin' racked up nother 10,100 sales to total around 301k. Fans copped 8,100 copies of Trina's Still Da Baddest album and Lupe Fiasco sold another 7,500 copies to put him at 474k.

    Soulja Boy will come close to selling 900,000 soon as he recently moved another 5500 copies of his album and Kanye West brought his total to over 2 million selling another 5400 copies of Graduation.