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Schoolboy Q Speaks On Who Can Rap The Best In Black Hippy

Posted By on February 5, 2014

Schoolboy Q Speaks On Who Can Rap The Best In Black Hippy

Schoolboy Q is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated “Oxymoron” album in just a few weeks. Q recently linked up with Hip Hop Nation, and one of the questions was who raps the best in the group Black Hippy (Kendrick Lamar, Q, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul) . The answer was classic Schoolboy.

“Me,” Q said when asked who the best rapper in Black Hippy is. “Cause I am. I smoke weed. The most girls like me. I dress nicer than them. I rap better than them. You can listen to me by yo self. You can listen to me with the homies. You can play certain songs for your mama. You can play me in the strip club. I’m everywhere. I’m better than them niggas.”


Schoolboy went on to let fans know what they can expect from “Oxymoron” on February 25th.

“Groovy Q. Shit, that’s all I can give them. Some gangsta shit,” he said. “Someone that’s doing bad for a good cause. Features? I got Raekwon on there. You know what I mean? I got my nigga on there. I don’t wanna give too much up because the tracklist ain’t out. And it’s gonna spoil it…We TDE, man. We kicked the door in and we do what the fuck we want. We tell iTunes when we gon’ put something out.


Listen to Schoolboy Q’s latest leak, “GangstaHERE.