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Scott Storch Gave Lil Kim The Bently In Question?

Posted By on May 1, 2008

    As we previously reported, Lil Kim had repo men attempt to repossess her Bently recently. The repo men told the local news that the car was 4-5 months behind on payments. Lil Kims reps replied by telling the press that the Bently was a gift and it had nothing to do with Lil Kim's finances.
    That left the question, who gave the Bently to Lil Kim as a gift? Many sources are now reporting that the hit producer Scott Storch gave Lil Kim the Bently four years ago when the two were involved in a relationship. Scott Storch's financial problems have been well documented. He recently put his $20 million dollar yacht on ebay for $600,000 [read here]. Storch then lost a $500,000 lawsuit to a man who loaned him money to prevent his house from entering forclosure [read here].
    More information Im sure will continue to come on this story, stay tuned.