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Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo Says Sorry For Being Lazy

Posted By on March 2, 2010

     Shawty Lo recently said he was sorry to his fans for being gone from the music scene since he released his debut album "Units In The City," two years ago. The southern rapper said he is now trying to build up a strong following before he drops his upcoming "I Am Carlos" album. "I wanna make sure my fanbase is all the way built back up and everybody screaming 'Shawty Lo' again before I put a date on the album," Shawty said in an interview.

     "I wanna drop an album when my fanbase is where it's supposed to be. I ain't say I disappointed, what I mean by disappointed fans is that I ain't coming back to music like I'm supposed to, dropping it like I'm supposed to. [I was] taking my time, being lazy. They still love me — I feel I let them down a little bit about my work ethic — so I ain't never gonna disappoint again."

Shawty Lo – Speaks To Fans Says Hes Sorry For Being Lazy