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Shawty Lo Talks Working With Lil Wayne

Posted By on March 16, 2010

     Southern rapper Shawty Lo recently talked about Lil Wayne's one-year jail time and working with the Young Money boss on his new "WTF" single and music video. The D4L leader says that Weezy should have no problem finishing up his sentence. "Wayne's like one of the hardest workers in the game. He probably is the hardest worker in the game. And he done did so much, it's gon' be like he was [still] here. And that year [in prison], it's gon' be gone in no time."

     In related news, Shawty Lo talked about shooting the "WTF" video with Lil Wayne. "It's just what it stands for: 'What the F,' man," Lo said about the song. "It's crazy, man. It's a record me and Weezy did at the beginning of the month. We decided we might as well shoot the video for it. It's a good look. Everybody wants the song, but I'mma release it [NBA] All-Star Weekend. It's just basically street. 'What the F.' Our style of music. Nice beat, crazy lyrics. It was crazy. Everybody came out and supported. We started 6 in the a.m. and didn't finish until 6 the next morning. We had a club performance, we had the rooftop performance and an inside-studio performance. Like, three, four good scenes. It's gonna be a good video…We got a lot of good footage."

Shawty Lo ft Lil Wayne – WTF

Shawty Lo ft Lil Wayne – WTF (Behind The Scenes)


Shawty Lo – Talks Shooting "WTF" Video With Lil Wayne