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Shawty Lo Talks 50 Cent Connections

Posted By on July 28, 2011

     New G-Unit business partner Shawty Lo recently spoke about his relationship with 50 Cent and why he says he relates so much with the G-Unit general. Saying their connection is deeper than just music, Shawty Lo says they both experienced the same things.

"Basically our similar life stories coming up," Shawty Lo said referring to 50. "My life, how I was raised by my grandmother and she passed. His life with his mother. Similar situations. We're cut from the same cloth. My grandmother raised me, my mother was on drugs, my daddy was elsewhere, my grandmother died of cancer when I was 17 years old. I've been on my own since then…I feel like what he is to New York, I am to Atlanta." (XXL Mag)

     In related news, Shawty Lo recently promised fans that he would not be a one-hit-wonder under the G-Unit deal.

"That's an easy question. I'm not an artist. I am a boss and an artist. A lot of artists, depend on the label to do everything. I don't depend on the label to do everything; I have my own label, so I'm a boss and an artist." (VIBE)


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