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Shawty Lo – Replies To Fight With T.I. – Blames TIP

Posted By on November 25, 2008

    As we previously reported, T.I. and Shawty Lo's crews got into two altercations last night at the Dirty Awards in Atlanta [watch here]. Now Shawty Lo is replying. Reports said the first fight started when Shawty Lo performed a diss version of a T.I. crew member song but Shawty says that isn't correct, “I didn’t go and start nothing. If they rewind the cameras [watch here], they’ll see how it started, I’m a man. I respect every man as a man. If a man disrespects me, what am I supposed to do? T.I. needs to contain his people. We’re not standing down. I performed my music" Shawty told MTV, continuing "I didn’t come to start no beef with him. I gave Tip a shout out at the BET [Hip-Hop] Awards.”

    Shawty Lo says T.I's crew started the fight saying “Basically, I didn’t start saying anything about Tip. I was performing my music. During ‘Foolish,’ all of them was coming in front of the stage doing their mugging. After ‘Dunn, Dunn,’ I performed the dis record ‘Don’t I.’ That’s what made me perform the diss record. I ain’t gonna lie; they was disrespecting me. I wasn’t gonna let them disrespect me.” [view pics here]

    Shawty Lo says T.I. and himself even talked back stage about squashing the beef, “He told me the beef was over with. I said, ‘If the beef was let go, me and you have to publicize it. We have to do it together.’ He agreed to do that, and we shook hands in the back room.” Lo says T.I. then taunted him during his speech saying “if somebody’s got a problem with me, do something better than me.” Shawty Lo finished by making it clear, "Where I live is for real. I ain’t got nothing against homes. He’s got family, I got family. I’m not trying to kill him, he’s not trying to kill me. I got fans that love me. He’s not not gonna run all over me. I ain’t Lil’ Flip.”

    UPDATE: New Video Below Shows Big Kuntry King Throwing The Chair

T.I. & Shawty Lo – Fight @ Dirty Awards (3rd angle)