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Def Jam Announces Signing Shyne

Posted By on February 24, 2010

     After many stories going around that Shyne recently signed to Def Jam Records, the rumors have been confirmed. The local press reported yesterday (February 23rd) about the decline of gangster rap and the transition of the 90s-era rappers going into the Hollywood seen. Responding to that, L.A. Reid (of Def Jam) said “Well, I think of him as an ar-tiste. An ar-tiste can move with their heart, and move with the times. If what you’re asking is if he’s moved on, or if he’s dated or not dated, the answer is that he’s always been a great ar-tiste. A lot of the great ar-tistes, at the time you’re talking about, were artists like Jay-Z, who are still on top today."

     Reid went on to say "Not much has changed to be completely honest. People who decided to do film or comedy with their careers, it’s because they had the range and talent to do it. It had nothing to do with gangster rap['s declining popularity."

L.A. Reid – Announces That Shyne Signed To Def Jam