Shyne Takes Shots At 50 & Rick Ross (Audio)

Shyne Takes Shots At 50 & Rick Ross (Audio)

     Shyne recently lived up to his word by dropped a new song called "Belize" in which he takes subliminal shots at 50 Cent and Rick Ross. The New York rapper reflects on his life in Belize while calling out Ross former employer as a corrections officer and 50's rap alias.

       "I be smoking trees in Belize when they find me," Shyne raps, "Dude, dude, did everything he said, I'm about a dollar what the f*ck is 50 Cents…They want to know what I'm up to, sh*t, I'm living like I'm accustomed — in and out of customs, what the f*ck you thought fool, I'm a hustler, no, no, no, not the CO, bro, bro, it's the C-E-O…"

Shyne – Belize ft Biggie Smalls and Bob Marley


Shyne – There Will Be Blood (50 Cent Diss)


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