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Call of Duty Preview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

of Duty Preview
Reviewed by: TrevorN

Platform: PC
Release Date:

Call of Duty looks to be one of the most spectatular games that is coming
out soon. From excellent AI, to well plan strategies, to complex maps,
this game just looks stunning.

For all of you that have played the Call of Duty demo , you know what
im talking about. Running into that battlefield against more firepower
then your team has. You lead your assault against the other enemy soldiers,
playing the roll of anti-tank gunner, handling heavy machine guns, and
desperatly trying to stay a live. German soldiers come out of everywhere,
but they always look like they should be coming out of these places to
re-enforce an area. This was one of the main goals for the development
of this game. They wanted germans to crawl through holes and out of buildings,
just to kill you and your teammates.

While most of the game is on foot, there are several levels that have
vechicles of some sort that you are riding in or actually drivng.

The one thing that i wanted to talk about is the multiplayer portion
of the game. At E3 , after everyone got the chance to play singleplayer
the multiplayer started up. The teams were chosen, and all were put in
the middle of some team deathmatch to get warmed up. The lucky E3 people
got to play up to 4 multiplayer maps which will be released in the retail

The first map was from the demo mission, but in daylight, as it is in
the single player mission that follows the demo. The entire map is there
and intact..

The second map brought us to the hills just inside the Normandy. The
map was actually a circle with boundaries on the outside of the circle
in the form of a very deadly minefield .In the middle was a mess of shrubs
and a hill that can’t be climbed. But there are tunnels going through
the mound to get to the other side. One side of the hill holds the Allied
starting point while the other is home to two artillery pieces. The Allies
are suppose to destroy them while the Axis protect them.

The next map put players back into team deathmatch, but this time with
the Russians and Germans fighting against each other. One of the coolest
parts of this map was an area that seemed to concentrate some of the action.
It actually was the second story of two separate buildings with windows
facing each other. Getting in a firefight between these two buildings
was a real blast at E3. There were usually a lot of dead bodies in each
of those rooms.

The last map and mode for the night took place in a European town somewhere
with a lot of buildings and plenty of places to get in close quarter fights.
The mode for this map was called Behind Enemy Lines. There were three
Allied soldiers on the map with the rest Axis. Kinda cheap dont ya think?
Not really. This was very uniquely done. An axis soldier could kill one
of this soldier, then he would respawn as that soldier and visa versa
with the other soldier. The object for the Allies was to survive as long
as possible as an Allied soldier. Allied soldiers would gain a point every
10 seconds they remained alive as well as a point for every Axis soldier
killed during that time.

Up to 64 players will be able to join games in multiplayer. Make sure
to keep your eyes on this title.