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Eye Toy Play

Posted By on January 12, 2005

Sony “EyeToy Play” For PS2
A Review By James Winder

Platform: PS2
Rating: 7/10
Release Date: 11/04/2003
Price: 49.99

Ok so working in a store that sells video games can have some great advantages
sometimes. Like yesterday for example when we took delivery of the Sony
EyeToy, a webcam based game for the PS2. Included in the package is the
EyeToy itself (a basic USB webcam) and a CD with a series of mini games
designed for the camera. I just had to give this a try.
The setup was very easy indeed. You simply plug the camera into one of
the PS2’s front USB ports, and switch the console on. You don’t
need to use a controller with this thing as you move around the game’s
main menu by simply standing in front of the camera and waving your hand
over the button you wish to press, which actually gives you the feeling
that you are inside the game, very cool. The quality of the camera is
fairly poor when compared to some of the top of the range PC cameras available,
the focus can be adjusted by turning the lens on the front of the camera.
Once you’ve done all this then you’re ready to go.
The games are all presented by chunky Japanese style characters who constantly
shout the instructions at you. The sounds are very high quality, in fact
for a series of mini games the whole presentation is very highly polished
giving you the impression that Sony is out to impress with its newest
toy. Ok so onto the games themselves:

Beat Freak: One for the Hip Hop heads here. You have
to hit a bunch of CD’s as they fly at the on-screen speakers, and
all in time to the beat of the song. Not my favourite game actually and
soon got very boring.

Kung Foo: One of my favourites here, you stand in the
middle of the screen whilst being bombarded by a series of Kung Fu characters.
When one gets near you have kick or punch them out of the way. Easy at
first but soon builds up to a fast pace that will leave you out of breath.

Wishi Washi: The object of the game? To clean windows!
Bubbles and foam appear on the screen and you have to wipe them away with
your hands before moving onto the next window. About as much fun as it
sounds and with very annoying music.

Keep Ups: Bounce a football on your head whilst whacking
the characters that appear to gain power ups. Good fun for soccer fans
and makes you look like an idiot while your playing.

Boxing Chump: Another of my favourites. You have to
stand facing your opponent (a strange robot guy) and box! You can hit
the other guy any way you want and the computer controlled opponent is
very responsive making this great fun to play.

UFO Juggler: You have to spin flying saucers as they
appear on screen whilst fending off the evil aliens. Another game that
makes you look really silly but not one of the best.

Slap Stream: This game is great, you must rescue the
bunny girls whilst slapping the hell out of the evil ratmen. Great use
of the camera once again the opponents respond well to your slaps.

Plate Spinner: Exactly what it sounds like. You have
to set a series of plates spinning whilst making sure that the evil baboons
don’t knock them over.

Boogie Down: Just like those dance mat games you have
to watch a series of dance steps and then repeat them yourself. Very cheesy
music and not one to be played while other people are looking I can tell

Ghost Catcher: You have to blow the ghosts up with air
and then pop them to kill them. Good fun for about 2 minutes before you
get bored and want to play something else.

Mirror Time: Very similar to the Puzzle Bobble series
of games where you have to match up coloured blocks. The idea is to pop
all the green blocks whilst avoiding the red ones. Very trippy game.

Rocket Rumble: With this game you get to create your
very own fireworks display by chaining together fireworks and setting
them all of at the same time. Soon gets very boring.

With the EyeToy you can also create video messages to send to other EyeToy
owners. Something PC owners have been doing for years but good fun still.
There is also a series of cool screen effects such as underwater, you
can probably guess what these are like.

The EyeToy is a fun package to play with friends but the games
soon get boring once you have played them a few times. I really hope this
is not just another novelty add on which will never get any support from
games programmers in the future. I would recommend EyeToy to young children
and adults who are young at heart. Surly teenagers looking for next gen
graphics and banging music will not be impressed at all.

I would have to give this package 7 out of 10.
Good fun but needs more games.