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Fight Night Preview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Fight Night! The new game by EA which was renamed from Knockout Kings
which was used in previous years. Along with a new name they decided to
make alot of well needed changes. The one they are most proud of is the
new innovative total control punch system. Which I must say is pretty
bad assed and makes it feel a little more like you are in the ring. Instead
of just pushing ‘x’ for a hook you actually take the analog stick and
make the motion. On PS2 the left analog stick is for control of the left
hand and the right analog for the right hand. Check the video for more
inofmration regarding total punch control. Click
to Preview

Another feature to watch out for is the Create Your Own Boxer feature.
Which lets you custamize all the basic stuff including weight, height,
fighting stance, first/last name, nickname, body mass and style. Than
they let you custamize your features including hair style, color, eyes,
and all that normal stuff. Than they decided to let you start custamizing
a little bit more with you changing around head weight, shape, width,
jawline, jaw shape and almost everything else you can think of. Dont think
you are going to go out there looking not as bad assed as you look. You
can put tattoos on him on his back, chest, and arms, and dont forget to
pick out your shorts and your gloves.

What was impressive and you might not notice at first is the effects
of the pain on the boxers. After you start fighting for a bit cuts, swelling
and bruises will occur on the fighters as they get beat around. Your fighter
will react slower as he takes the beating. If you been getting hit in
your right eye for a bit, it wil become harder to see and throw punches
from the right side. Also you can redirect where they are going if they
are falling to the ground if you are in the middle of your combo.

The soundtrack for the game has a pretty sweet line up as EA has been
delivering the goods now for the past few years. Featuring artists like
Chingy, Puff Daddy, Notorious BIG, Busta Rhymes, Stat Quo, Lil Scrappy,
David Banner, Cee Lo, MOP and more.

If you are looking for a great boxing game and loads of excitement and
play options than you gotta pick up Fight Night on
April 5th.