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Freedom Fighters Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Reviewed by: Trevor N

Platform: PC, PS2, GC, Xbox
Price: $49.99 (PC only 39.99)
Final Rating: 9/10

For a game that’s gone under so many name changes during its short time
being devolped, Freedom Fighters turned out to be a surprisingly well
designed game. The third person action shooter goes well with squad-based
tactics with a uniquely based story line. The whole package comes off
like a basic tactical action game. It also avoids the identity crisis
by making the game have a basic system that is easy to understand and
easy to execute.

In the game Freedom Fighters, the Cold War never actually happens. The
USSR basically drops an A-Bomb and starts bossing people around like the
dirty communists they are. pick up the story of Christopher Stone, a laid
back plumber, on his way to fix a some leaky pipes in Manhattan. Things
go bad when lady with the leaky pipes turns out to be anti-communie leader
and you’re right there in the middle of the US-USSR conflict.

The game does an amazing jon of maintaining the Soviet atmosphere over
New York City. The barriars on the streets, the posters, the enviroment,
all suit the theme of the story perfectly.

The main character is informed to proceed through a series of missions
where you can choose several objectives to obtain first, but you have
to complete the whole set to advanced. It’s the command and control system
for your AI teammates that gives FreedomFighters its unique qualities.
Such characters like Stone, have to build up their statistics by completing
missions and objectives. As they do this there statistics increase and
benifit the character in many ways. The environment in Freedom Fighters
are highly detailed and extremely creative. The teammate AI is amazing
and you will never have them walking into walls or getting stuck on obstacles.
They’ll move intelligently and attack any enemies they see when they’re
on the move or when they’re standing still. Diffrences between commands
becomes more tactical and effective. Commanding them to cover one area
and attack another area makes them more agressive and willing to look
for trouble with the enemy. You actually end up enforcing this aggressiveness
more than anything, as the AI fighters are quite independent. They’ll
kamikazee there way through the enemy without even thinking. Coveringing
tactics for your teammates as they move and getting them to cover you
as you move, works suprisingly well in FreedomFighters.

As good as the your AI is, the enemy AI is pretty much equal. The Russian
soldiers will more or less pull the same moves as you do and the same
tactics as you do, making the game worthwhile to play. They’ll stay locked
in good defensive positions shooting at your team. You’ve got your options,
its not like the game goes by specific methods to follow, if you go one
way, the enemy will try and block you by going another way. Given how
the game was made and what it was suppose to do, the graphics in the game
are fairly decent. With nifty enviroments and smooth even models, FreedomForce
has done enough to qualify for the fields it was intending to. Along with
the graphics come outstanding sound effects with the very effective voice
acting and effecting gunfire. The russian accents may not be upto standard
but they will do ok for the game.

Freedom Fighters is one of those games where you play it and you just
want to keep playing it because it gets better and better as you go along.
The challenges increase at relatively the same rate as your skillz do.
The interface and AI of the game is amazing and is a must have in this
type of game. Even without a fancy company to back it up , Freedom Fighters
is a new unique game that i hope to see in the future.