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Halo: Combat Evolved

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Combat Evolved
Reviewed by: Desert

Platform: PC
Release Date:
Price: $49.99
Final Rating: 6.5/10

Halo is the gaming experience of a life time, If you have a chance get
this game for the PC. This game is a way better version than the X-box’s
demented controls and graphics are heightened by the power of the PC.
The story line is a smoothed out line of twists and turns. Along with
its extremly full out character the "Master Cheif". Without
the "Master Cheif" and the multi-array of weapons this game
would look like a well mapped Duke Nukem. This games lack of bad guys
and no boss’s made this game especially cheesey. Levels would be long
and restless, some little computer built into your helmet told you which
way to go. It’s the kinda game that seems to really catch your interest
until you get half way through. Other then the fact that i think the game
is cheesey dosent mean game play isnt a strong factor if u like the ability
to Melee attack enemies with a rifle or Run them down in a huge truck
this game is for you.

Did i mention MULTIPLAYER, this my friends is the best feature about
the game. Rifle’s blaze , rocket launchers blowing your lifeless body
to the other side of the map and the vehicles are more expansive in multiplayer.

This game is more for the multiplayer experience in my oppinion but if
you like giant space centers in the shape of a halo and enemie monsters
this game is for you. Althought the story line was good but the game play
sucked and the multiplayer was good.