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Max Payne 2 Preview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne
“A Film Noir Love Story”
Reviewed by: Desert Eagle

Platform: PS2, Xbox, PC
Release Date:
12/02/2003 (PC 10/14/2003)

Max Payne was a huge success in 2001 with its dramatic storyline. Twist
and turns gave a broken cop a relief of light to keep persuing his wives
and daughters murderers. From meeting up with many gang familys and crooked
cops Max had found himself on top of a successful business building above
the burning wreck of a helicopter with the murderer inside. Max was hauled
off to jail, still smiling to see a fade of justice within his crafty
gun slinging.

With only 4 days left, Max Payne 2 promises as much as the first and
more, with a new look, weapons, moves and even thicker story-lines this
seems to be the most anticipated game of the year. The story is, Max was
in jail for several years until the one eyed man from the first game keeps
his promise that Max will not receive full punishment for stopping the
continuation of a drug called, Valkyre, Max gets out of jail and is re-instated
into the DEA, only after that does he quit and join upon the brave cops
of the NYPD. Max is working on a case in a warehouse after he receives
a complaint of gun shots and loud screams. Max moves slowly to the back
of the warehouse where he find that the gun shots are from a TV that has
been turned up full. He asks a Janitor in the factory who dosent seem
to happy to see the NYPD. The Janitor runs and Max finds himself in the
middle of a gunrunners shootout. After the shootout Max ends up on a suspiciously
quiet hospital floor. Of course Max being a machine he gets out of the
hospital bed in a beatin condition. He finds an elevator and goes to the
lobby floor, where he is confronted by Lt. Jim Brevura who convicted Max
of killing his partnering detective. After Max pleeds his case a pack
of armed thugs spray Jim Brevura full of assault rifle ammo, Fortunatly
for Max he dives into the elevator but a downside is present when the
elevator cable snaps and max plumets to the basement. I wount spoil any
more for you looking forward to playing the game. Remedy has heighted
the game experience by improving the Bullet Time system, Now when you
enter into “Bullet time” the enemies slow down and Max moves
at a faster speed to give the feeling of power. In the last game Max had
one move for when he was in bullet time and that was the dive, in this
game when in bullet time Max can reload by doing a 360 degree spin, which
is not only good for your weapon but you have the opportunity to plan
your next area of attack. Unfortunatly theres a downside to the bullet
time too, the bullet time meter drains twice as fast making you have to
conserve it. This game is more interactive with its Non-Playable Characters.
Now when you come upon allies , they will join your team and depends on
the attitude of the A.I. in the Non-Playable Character if he will go berserk
with the weapons or just take it slow. Other features of the game are
the cutting of most of the graphic novel scenes which is probably the
most indentifiable aspect of the game, its what made Max Payne nice to
play, the story line was played in a comic narrated by Max. As well as
other changes in the game is Max himself, some people think Max looks
completely different, which is agreeable but in the out come of the game
i couldnt see the original being placed in this game i think it would
take away from the whole gaming experience. Another change to the game
is secondary weapons function, well your sitting there firing shell upon
shell from your shotgun wouldnt it be fun to just throw a couple of grenades
or use the end of your weapon to beat the crap out of a closed range enemy.
For the rest of the game, the graphics are majorly improved and the enviroment
is more interactive, example of this is when you shot a thug and he flys
back into a shelf, the shelf with break and stuff will fly everywhere.
The ragdoll effects help make the game perfect. Be on the look out for
Max Payne 2: The Fall Of Max Payne coming soon to a video game retailer
near you.