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Max Payne 2 Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Max Payne 2 Review
Reviewed By: Desert Eagle

Platform: PC, PS2, XBox
Release Date:
12/02/2003 (PC 10/14/2003)
Final Rating: 9.5 /10

Max Payne was game of the year in 2001 with its mind blowing soundtrack,
graphics and trademark bullet time. After a huge makeover and much dedication,
Max Payne 2 has finally been introduced into the world of extreme gun
play gaming, if your a fan of the very first Max Payne and thought its
graphics couldnt be beat, welcome to the world of high details and majorly
amazing physics. This games well balanced and ever lasting darkness continues
to haunt gamers into playing this game in the year 2004 and beyond, Max
Payne is a story of love, loss, revenge, and Justice. Max Payne continues
to suffer through out this game and it seems to never let up on his action
and the twist of events that confront Max make you feel so incredibly
depressed that when you finsih this game, you know theres more to the
game then you thought there was. No matter how many times you beat this
game theres always more challenges and hints that need to be uncovered.

When you play a shooter game your gonna have fun no matter what you do,
with this game its not to hard but its not to easy and all the enemies
use a range of weapons, not like in the last Max Payne when it was only
certain enemies in certain levels had certain weapons. In Max Payne 2
on the first level the enemies start out with shot-guns and Ingrams. The
bullet time plays a major factor with fun instead of just running into
a room with no plan you can run into a room and slow the fabric of time
to fit your need of time to plan who to shoot. Welcome to the future of
games, Max Payne 2 is your host. If you want a game chalked full of not
to hard not to easy Max Payne 2 is the game to play. Play in the life
of an under pressure New York City cop. 9.5/10

The sound in this game blows your mind, gun shots sound surreal and the
you can hear the bullet casings hit the ground, you can actually hear
your enemies talking about events that happen in the game (Be sure to
listen closely). You can hear rain hitting off the roofs as you walk down
an old alley way covered in trash. If you have really good quality speakers
you can actually identify where an enemy is shooting at your from. Overrall
the sound is amazing, Max’s voice is sharp and dosent sound like it was
recorded on a tape player, it actually sounds like the voice actor is
standing infront of you telling you whats happening, But the sound didnt
have its bugs but, Remedy will release a patch for that shortly so just
keep on the hold well it does.
I give the audio 9.5/10

When it comes to a game with amazing graphics, Max Payne punches you in
the face. This game dosent look completely real but if our world was based
on electronic information your damn right Max Payne would be the way it
looks. This game is so haunting in the manner of its (Havophysics that
if you step on a piece of trash, it would actually wrinkle or if you walk
by a garbage can fast enough it would tip over slightly and if you just
deside to run right into it the can would fly and roll around. The fire
whips around like the look of real fire. The faces in the game look as
real as any person of the street. This game delivers a powerful punch
of eye pleasing reality. The sprites are so sharp on this game, they move
to the expression on the faces of the characters when they are in a deep
mode of emoition. I give the graphics 9.5/10

Longetivity/Lasting Appeal
When some one asks the question "is a game gonna be a classic and
will it be played forever?" Max Payne 2 does not look like it will
always be around forever due to the fact that its so easy to beat, it
will be around but not to the power where it will compare to future games,
if they create a shining sequel and the game goes on for like 5 more years
i will say that the series will have amazing power of longetivity. You
never know though because games like Half-Life have been around for a
while and people still play it. So due to its powerful graphics, audio
and amazing storyline i will say this game will stay and instant classic
and people will keep playing it. 9/10

This games presentation and the way its put together makes this game a
painted masterpiece by the most spectacular group of game creators the
world has ever been introduced to. The storyline was so well put together
that it hints at past events, newly and well blended events in the world
of cops and mob bosses. After playing this game over and over till my
eyes were bleeding i realized this game and the game before it were so
well put together that its mind boggling to think of how many twists and
turns could of been put in place of the ones they put in now. This games
storyline is like an Ozzy Osbourn episode of NYPD Blue, Minus the fat
guy and pretty much the rest of the cast. 9.5/10

This game is an overall work of art, the fan base of any game genre would
play this game over and over like 17 times and still be shocked over how
dark and mysterious this game is. The action will stun you, you will become
obcessed with this game it will be like a religion to you, any one who
says Max Payne 2 is a hunk of crap, they have been in a comma while they
thought they played this game. If your looking for a well balanced storyline
of twists and turns this game is your game. 9.5/10