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NFL Street Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2, GC, XBox Webpage: NFL Street
Publisher: EA Sports Genre: Sports: Football

Well it’s here… the much talked about and greatly advertised football game, NFL
. EA Sports, the makers of highly-successful games like Madden
, decided to develop second football game, only with a major
difference. NFL Street amazingly
does for football what NBA Street did for basketball, tossing
many of the game’s real-life rules out the window in order to deliver a faster,
more arcade-like game of football. The first rule the game changes is the
number of players. NFL Street is a seven-on-seven game, and all
punts, extra points, and field goals have been removed. The game has no
penalties, and features a lot of tricky over-the-top moves, passes, jukes, and

The introduction video that plays before the menu screen, lets you know
exactly what the game is going to be like… exciting and exactly like its name,
STREET. Once you reach the menu screen you suddenly feel as if you popped in a
game from a few years ago as the menu screen looks as if the designer was drunk
while he made the graphics for it. After I got over the menu, I went straight
where I always go in these types of games (the story mode, of course), which
they call NFL Challenge. (Side Note: A great option that the NFL
section of NFL Street includes is that of a 2-player
. Most story modes of sports games especially do not have this option,
which only adds to this already great game.)

I started playing the development points scenarios and after a little time,
I started thinking to myself, “why hasn’t anything popped up to edit the team?”
or “can I even edit the team at all?” Once I got some development points, I
figured I would now try to fix up my team if I could only find out where that
option was. Well it was right there in front of me at the bottom right-hand corner
of the NFL Challenge screens ‘press O for team edit’, making it incredibly
, so I proceeded by doing so. Making it even more interactive, I
realized that I could edit the team names and ALL players, which includes over 350 of the
NFL’s biggest stars
from all 32 teams, not to mention, legends like
William “The Refrigerator” Perry and Lawrence Taylor.
I feel this option should have really been available when I made a new profile
for NFL Challenge, I started editing & creating my own personal team.
After I customized some tattoos, bandanas, clothes (including shoes and socks)
my team, ‘E-Town Killahz’, with their star QB ‘Dave the Destroyer’, got ready
to get back to the actual game-play.

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The game-play is much more difficult than you would expect from a fast
paced, seven-on-seven football game. I was expecting something similar to Blitz
but it was nothing at all like it. Especially when you do the NFL Challenge,
you are playing against awesome teams and you consist of your basic team with
hardly any offense or defense. I found running is the easiest offensive move to
start out with since your starting RB has pretty good stats. You will easily
learn maneuvers like how to stiff-arm and spin in order to pass your defenders
and eventually earn game-breaker points. Game-breaker points are very important
as they make your move faster, hit harder and score easier. When your playing
offense, you complete almost all your passes (at least more then most
other football games) and can stiff-arm so much harder than normal, make it
more fun to play than its predecessors. While playing defense every time you
power hit an offensive player, they usually will fumble, so
game-breakers are great to use especially right after they receive the ball
while they are close to their end zones. I have caused and recovered many
fumbles leading to touchdowns using game-breakers.

A great and unique
addition to NFL Street is the fields you play on
. Eight urban locations are more
than just a place to play; they change how the game is played. Each field has
unique dimensions and field surfaces like loose sand, dirt, mud, and turf can
force a change in your lineup and game plan.
Overall the game-play is pretty good
and will take some time for you to get used to if you are a big Madden
player/fan, especially the defense, as in my opinion, its one of the toughest
football defenses to play.

Now, you can’t complain about the music line up included with this game. NFL
features original and new music from a lot of artists such as the X-ecutioners
featuring B-Real (of Cypress Hill), Fuel, Lostprophets, DJ KaySlay / Three 6
Mafia, Nas, Graph, Lil Flip, Killer Mike
and more! The ONLY draw
back with games that have soundtracks now a days is they really need to have a
lot more songs since after a weekend of playing, you start to get annoyed by
hearing the same songs over and over.

Overall this game will bring you fun and excitement for along time
whether you only play once in a while, or your like me and try to build up your
team in the story mode. NFL STREET has a big learning curve, unlike NBA
, but don’t give up you will learn how to stop that run soon enough!