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R:Racing Evolution Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2, GC, XBox Webpage: R:Racing
Publisher: Namco Genre: Racing

In an already saturated market R: Racing Evolution trys to join the ranks
of Project Gothom Racing, Need For Speed and Grand Turismo. Unfortunitally
the gameplay falls short of achieving that level. The actual racing gameplay
would relate closely to a racing game that is already a couple of years
old. It feels like they made the racing part first than spent 2 years
maken the story cinematics, menu screens options and so on.

You start out at a great cinematic screen as an abulence driver, your
partner says ‘we gotta get there in 10 not 20 do you know any shortcuts?’
Rena smiles and accepts the challenge. She makes it there on time and
is exhausted from all that speeding. Stephan approaches her and commends
her on her racing there and invites her to race for him at the track.
Once you are there you will race the easiest race of your life. You will
start to notice a change, the up to date graphics are all of a sudden
gone. It feels like you are stuck back on Playstation 1. Just as you get
used to the awful graphics you start to notice another annoying aspect,
the fact that when you pass other drivers they talk to you. “Who
is this #76?”. Not to stop there the music makes you feel like you
are at a rave with a full out techno soundtrack.

After you pass this you will start getting to learn how to play the game.
Where it will teach you how to take turns better and so on. They made
it though so even a blind person can play with your crew saying out the
turns and when they are coming “Slight Right 150 feet”. You
will gain new cars the more you race and pass the levels. A good feature
in this game that is has real cars in it. Hondas, Acuras, Lotus, Saleens,
Fords, GMs and Dodge’s all are boasted on the back of the box. There are
a total of 10 different tracks ( 9 courses ) in the game. There are also
5 modes of playing including Story Mode, Event Challenge, Time Attack,
Arcade and Versus.

I wouldnt rush out to get this game for the lack of while racing graphics
and the poor controls. If you already have all other racing games and
just want something new this one would not hurt to pick up.

Gameplay: 7/10
Sound: 6.5/10
While Racing Graphics: 3/10

All Other Graphics: 8/10
Final Rating: 6/10