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Spawn Armageddon Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2, GC, XBox Webpage: Spawn
Publisher: Namco Genre: Action / Adventure

Everybodys favorite comic book bad ass, Spawn returns to the video game
world to keep hell out of his beloved New York City. This action / adventure
game starts off with the background for all the non comic book nerds out
there. Explaining Al Simmons (Spawns real name) past and how he became
the fubar man he is. It all started when he joined up for the United States
Security Group. He worked his way up and became an assassin for Jason
Wynn. Wynn of course was corrupt and torched Mr. Simmons to death. Simmons
made a deal with Malebolgia, a master of Hell, and came back as a Hellspawn.
This is about all the plot that there is in the game, its a bash and slash
type of game.

At first you go through tutorial level where you learn about the four
things that you will be using throughout the game. First is your big ass
axe which is named Agony its the phyiscal manifestation of Spawn’s
own tormented Soul. What a cheesy story line for that but the axe is pretty
sweet. With the axe you can do different combos and moves with it which
is a plus. Usually in games with multiple weapons its just the same thing
over and over but this one depends on how you are doing on the control
stick to what it will do. Agony reminds me of the swords in Devil
May Cry
mainly because things reflect when you swing it and it’s

you got your chains, the attack with Peyton Manning accuracy and speed.
With the chains it is your default long range weapon and they never run
out of ammunation. They also are used to swing to higher places when there
is a chain icon there. It would have been cool if they would have made
it more like a grapple system or used to chain up an enemy and you can
axe them up while chained. You will find some artillery throughout each
level, usually one new weapon per level. These range from the trusty Sawed
Off Shotgun
to a Inferno Cannon. In between levels you can
power up your guns, like in Devil May Cry. Unfortunitally you
can not power up Agony.

Spawn has five different Hell Powers. You start off with all five also
which is convienent but lacks an interest to upgrade or try and get farther
in the game. Your Hell Powers are as listed:

Necroplasm Ball Glowing green spheres of hell energy that explode on
contact. They will intelligently track a locked-on target.
-Necroplasm Beam Rapid moving blast of Necroplasm that can blow through multiple
targets, causing lots of damage.
-Demonic Fury Power summons up hells fury on a single target.
-Hell Speed This power makes Spawn move at superhuman speed to increase the
ammount of damage he can cause in the same amount of ‘time’.
-Necroshield Shields Spawns body reducing damage done to him while the power

Your Necroplasm meter can be upgraded, meening you can hold more Necroplasm.
Also your health meter can be upgraded inbetween levels.Now mixed into
all this are the comic book covers hidden in the levels nice lil bonus
to show how bad assed you are at the game is finding all of them. Than
viewing them later on.

The cinematics in the game are pretty sweet and better than you would
expect. The voices and sound during the cinematics are superb and brings
you more into the game. The graphics are excellent and have much detail
on Spawn himself.

Sound in the game is excellent with the heavy metal music it makes you
even more involved in the game and the concept of it. Although the loops
get repeditive they should have added some more.

Gameplay: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Overall: 7.8/10