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Time Crisis 3 Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2 Webpage: Time
Crisis 3
Developer: Namco Publisher: Namco
Game Type: Action/Shooter ESRB: T

The third installment in the Time Crisis series, the classic gun shooter,
which thrives on killing before your time runs out. It has been 2 years
since the last Time Crisis, but you could not tell this by the piss poor
graphics. The story all begins when the peaceful city of Astigos a Mediterranean
island resort comes under attack. The attackers are lead by General Giorgio
Zott. Zott has placed tactical missiles all over Astigos, which threatens
the nation of Lukano and other neighboring nations. You are a member of
the VSSE International Intelligence Agency you and your partner (Alan
and Wesley) are there to stop Zott and his soldiers.

game comes in two different forms the first one is with the GunCon2 or
without. I would not even bother playing the game without a gun because
it is just pointless. Imagine playing duck hunt on NES without a gun?
Why would you want to do that? The actual Guncon 2 itself is very accurate
and lightweight. The one that comes with Time Crisis 3 is a bright orange
color. It is fully packed with all the needed buttons including start,
select, direction pad, a-button, b-button, c-button and a trigger. When
using the gun in the game I found best to use the directional pad and
the trigger. The direction pad is used to reload while the trigger is
used for firing. Only downfall is if you are used to the arcade version
of Time Crisis you would know that the guns recoil after every shot, unfortunately
these guns don’t have any recoil action.

You start off at the edge of the island with some easy cannon fodder
to help you get started. You have four weapons the handgun which has unlimited
ammunition. The machine gun which holds 200 max ammo. The ass kicking
shotgun which
holds 50 shells. Lastly you have the last resort grenade gun which destroys
all who disobeys it holding only 5 grenades. In order to get more ammo
for your guns you have to hit the soldiers in the white and yellow uniforms.
Be sure to hit them multiple times in order to capitalize. At the end
of the first stage you meet up with Alicia of the liberation army, she
is the token girl in the game which runs around with short shorts diving
and shooting people. She lends a hand with where to go regarding the story.
At the end of the story mode you will unlock the rescue mission mode where
you will in turn play as Alicia. Every time you run out of continues you
will get another continue credit added on for next time. Until eventually
you do this 10 times and you are in free mode.

Now earlier I mentioned about the graphics not being up to par for 2003
PS2. It seems as if they either did not want to spend time on the sceneries
or just decided to focus there time elsewhere. The soldiers and people
are done in well detail but the surroundings leave you to think this game
is 3 years old. Even the intro and intermission movies are below par.
The sound is also not fantastic but bearable, the techno rhythm will quickly
get you into the crisis of killing soldiers before your time is out.

Time Crisis 3 is an unshakable, action packed game. The best light gun
game on the market for your home console and overall a game you will want
to show all your friends. Leads to hours of fun trying to unlock all the
extras and setting the highest scores. If you are a fan of the gun games
this is a must to add to your collection.

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