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Tony Hawk Underground Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2, GC, XBox, GBA Webpage: THUG
Publisher: Activision Genre: Sports / Skateboarding

Play As Yourself! The new slogan that Tony Hawk Underground is boasting
all across the gaming world. Yes you
can actually put your face onto a skating character and become a skateboarding
legend like the great Tony Hawk. Neversofts new main feature is the fact
that you are trying to become a legend so adding a larger story mode than
previous Tony Hawk games. You gotta get respect from local street skaters,
skate shop owners and dodge them pigs. Slowly working yourself up to becoming
a great skateboarding legend. The customization of your character is enormous
All the way down to your shoes and tattoos on places like your left forearm
or your head.

off that board and run over them rocks. Jump back on and keep that combo
rolling! This new notable feature is one that has everyone talking about.
No more are you limited to the wood under your feet. When you jump off
during a combo a timer pops up telling you how much time you have left
to continue on that combo. Skilled skaters are able to scale buildings
and other obstacles while still racking them points up for there combo.

you get tired of skateboarding? Don’t worry there is other things in this
game that you can be doing including racing cars or building your own
skate park. Now this building your own skate park isn’t just a half pipe
or a ramp here and there. In THUG’s editor you have easy to use tools,
more objects to pimp your park out with, and a meter telling you how much
RAM is left. You can also publish the park online for others to play on
it with you. The create-a-park is around 50% larger than the one from
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4. Now once you got your pimpin park layed out you
can set some goals. Like time
limits, make them spell out words like S-K-A-T-E and more your imagination
is the only limit on this feature.When you get tired of creating your
own park try out the Create-A-Trick. Create-A-Trick based like a music
editing program. You blend together tricks, set its duration and you can
idle the trick. Now you need to be styling while you are doing your trick,
so go Create-A-Deck. Choose your stickers, colors and the hardware make
it the deck you have always dreamed of.

The current trend since GTA is to put nice game soundtracks together
and THUG does not spare to put together a nice collection of gems. Over
75 hits varying from Rock, Hip Hop and Punk. With hits from Bad Religion,
Dropkick Murphys, NOFX, Sublime, The Clash, Aceyalone, Deltron 3000, DJ
Q-Bert, J-Live, Jurassic-5, Nas, Supernatural, Janes Addiction, KISS,
Queens of the Stone Age, Solace and more.

Overall this is the best skateboarding game on the market. Even with
all the new features it still lacks the fact that it is a skateboarding
game and doing moves can only be so fun for so long. If you ever liked
any other Tony Hawk game be sure to buy this
one. If you were stand off to skateboarding games
rent this one before
you purchase it.