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True Crime: Streets of LA Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Platform: PS2, GC, Xbox Webpage
Publisher: Activision Genre: Action / Fighting

Rockstar Games get back to work! They finally have some true competition with Activisions latest release ‘True Crime: Streets of La’. What looked like a dominated market by the Grand Theft Auto series True Crime adds the spice that was missing and more. The whole world of True Crime is based accurately after Los Angeles . With street names popping up every block you past this is a good way to learn LA if you are planning on visiting. Maybe they should have marketed it as a tourist game to get all those mothers to buy it.

You are Nick Kang an ex cop with a mysterious past. Nick goes on to joining the new secretive unit EOD (Elite Operations Division). Which he is given the freedom to get things done, his way, the bad-assed way. Your boss, the Chief Wanda Parks looks like Robin Quivers (Howard Stern Show) but acts like Chief Gruff from the movie Undercover Brother. Although the Chief always threatens to have his badge, it doesn’t change the way Nick handles his business. Your first case is the investigation that any ex cop wishes to get. It involves both the Chinese Triad and the Russian Mafia so plenty of goons to kill. The way the story will turn out all will depend on what you choose to do. There are three different endings so to ensure you not to get any sleep for a few months.

The driving in the game is similar to GTA. You have a cop car which you can upgrade after a successful mission completed or you can always go out and steal one. Your cop car is equipped with a siren and your vanity license plate which you enter at the beginning of the game. For some reason the handling while driving is not as expected. When you hit a building or another car it takes awhile to get out and back on the road again. Also it seems like you can’t dodge things as well, so be on the look out for the pesky pedestrian that wants to jump in front of your car.

Imagine if an action game had fighting features in this. Not just a punch and a kick but we are talking about Tekkan type moves. True Crime gets this down better than I have ever seen before. With combos, the option for grapple and finishing moves the fighting is a much improvement from the lacking GTA fight system. This is also an upgradeable option at the end of a completed mission. Just like on Cops you can run and tackle someone, or if you prefer closeline or slide kick them to stop them from running from you. This is a must for perpetrators evading arrest. With finishing moves like arm cross break and closeline to the floor you might not even want to use your guns any more.

Twin glizzy holdin, cap poppin, bad cop. The guns in this game are great, you can hold two at a time and yes you can even hold two Uzi’s at a time. With auto aiming on people that are shooting, you can also easily toggle between people using the right joystick. You can mow down a whole lot of Russians in a short amount of time. Guns are the third and final upgrade you can do, by getting new guns and new features.

Background tunes in this game are vicious. You got a big gangsta lineup, which will be sure to keep you tapping your feet. With original tracks by Snoop Dogg, Warren G, RBX, Knocturnal, Westside Connection, Boo Yaa Tribe, E-40, Coolio, Jayo Felony, Damizza, Shade Sheist, Bad Azz, E-White, Big Tray Dee, Ms Toi, and more.

Some things to do while playing which are always fun is just walk around the streets harassing people, by frisking them using the O button; you will search them for any contraband or weapons. If found you are awarded a good cop point. Good cop / bad cop points are awarded for every time you do something good or bad. For example you arrest someone you get a good cop point. If you run somewhere over you get a bad cop point.

Also don’t get frustrated if you cant pass a level you can skip it by hitting continue story and go back to it at a later time. This is always helpful when you get stuck on the one race where you cant make it there in time, and instead of throwing the controller through the TV (wish I would have known bout this prior to throwing mine) you can just hit continue story and come back.

Snoop Dogg, the don Doggfather himself barked his way into this game as a hidden character. There are 30 bones spread across LA. Collect them all and you can become Doggy Dogg. Once unlocked you have an hour to solve random crimes for points. Depending on your score at the end you will receive a title ‘Lap Dogg’ or ‘Top Dogg’ chucccccccchh.

Be sure to pick up True Crime: Streets of LA if you are any fan of any video game, there are all aspects put together in this hit. With bad assed fighting, a solid cop story line, more guns than you can fire a stick at, and reckless driving it is sure to make everyone smile. Including your mother when Nick is cussing or your dad when Nick has to go to the strip club.