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Worms 3D Preview

Posted By on January 12, 2005

3D Preview
Reviewed by: James Winder

Platform: PC, PS2, GC, Xbox
Price: TBD
Release Date: Q4/2003
(66.7 mb)
Final Rating: 5/10

I used to be a big fan of the original Worms game back on my Amiga 600.
Worms has spawned several sequels on many different formats and even spin
off puzzle type games. Now, like many olden day games before it, Worms
is becoming 3D for the first time.

For those not familiar with Worms this is a unique style of game involving
turn based combat between 2 teams of Worms who can be controlled either
by the computer, 2 players, or over the Internet or a Network. The idea
is basically to kill as many of your opponent’s Worms as possible
before they kill you. There are many crazy weapons to choose from including
bazookas, machine guns, grenades, exploding sheep and even air strikes.
One thing that made Worms stand out was the humour as the Worms constantly
throw insults and famous phrases at each other with each move that is
made. Also no 2 games were ever the same because the computer randomly
generated a new landscape for each battle. As a single player game Worms
was very limited and soon became very boring, but with such great multiplayer
games available the fun was endless.

I recently had the chance to play an early version of the full game,
basically it has the same objective as before but with up to date graphics
and sounds. And the graphics are very nice, they are bright and colourful
with some great animations and special effects. The sounds are also great
with more Worm humour and nice explosions.

There was however one major fault with this game; the control system.
It’s horrible. You need to be able to move the camera with one hand,
move your worm with another and aim with yet another, now unless you have
3 hands you are going to find this very difficult. As your turn is on
a timer then you have very little time to position your worm, find the
enemy, choose your weapon, aim and fire. I constantly found that I was
out of time before I could make my move, and this did not get any better
for the 3 hours or so that I played. I did manage to speak to someone
who was working at Team17 through a mutual friend and he assured me that
the control system would be different in the final version, we shall see.
The version I played was on the PC using a keyboard and mouse, I can see
the console versions being very diffsicult to play with a controller.
All in all this is a fun game when played against a human opponent and
has very nice graphics which will appeal to all ages. I would highly recommend
that you play the demo before you purchase the final game.