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XIII Preview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Reviewed by: TrevorN

Platform: PC, PS2, GC, Xbox
Price: $49.99 ($39.99 for PC)
Release Date: 10/21/2003
Preview Rating: 9/10 (Looks Promising)

With the full game of XIII almost here, we are all excited too see what
they have changed and added to the game since its debut in E3. The game
as we known it, is a unique Cel shaded first person shooter, based on
a French espionage comic book.

XII begins out on a Souther California beach, with our hero, XIII, who
washes up on shore after a mission went wrong and he had to bail. He’s
pretty badly injured and is suffering what appears to be amnesia. To add
to this, he has the only key to a safe deposit box in a high security
bank to lead him back to what he cant even remember. As soon as he is
on shore it appears he is already in tourble as he has many gun man chasing

Ok , lets start off with the action in the game. First of all, when your
XIII and an enemy appears infront of you, you will get this comic like
style box pop up around him, and a close up of where he is so you can
find him. If you get a headshot you’ll get three quick frames of the bullet
going thru his head. XIII is definetly not for younger audiences as it
contains to much blood and violence within it. A good thing about the
game is the fact that you can pick up whatever the enemy was carrying.

To carry on with the story lone, you’ll soon being chased after by the
FBI and some more Shadowy Bad Guys. You have to watch out for civilian
casualties and you can do this by knocking them out or using non-lethal
weapons. Some of these weapons include, shovels, planks of wood, chairs,
and ashtrays. It is possible though to proceed in the game fairly far
without actually having to kill someone. But, you will have to eventually
pull out a gun and waste a few bad guys.

The Arsenal, one of the most important parts of the game, what kind of
guns does he have? Well, the arsenal in this game progresss from Throwing
knives, to M16, to a Rocket Launcher. All the guns are effective except
for the semi-automatic pistol. IT is mor ethen likely that many people
are going to use the M16 do to its effectiveness and its popularity in
the real world.

Ubisoft did a good job on making the game real. They didnt allow you
to run around with an m249 or a m60 and mow down everyone in your path.
they made it so you had to go around and be tactical. This is one of the
key features in the game.

The AI in the game are idiots either. If you throw a grenade or make
a noise they will look for you or run away from that grenade. They will
come to loud gunfire and will look for you upon the discovery of a dead

currently, the game as i have heard is pretty much done and is almost
ready for its debut in the retail world. Overall the character models, story
line, gameplay, and graphics are completly stunning and will hopefuly
make a great game for all you gamers out there.