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8ball & MJG Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

8 Ball & MJG

“You Don’t Want Drama”

In Their Own Words

Rap Basement: What can we expect from your next
upcoming album ‘Livin’ Legend’?

8 Ball: Ah man just um some real raw 8 Ball and MJG yanno what
I mean. Just uh we got alot of just real gangsta tracks man yanno and
uh just a real good album to listen to. We got Ludacris on the song, got
bomb beat from UGK on the song called ‘Street Niggas’. Man we got a twister
on the song, TI on the song that Lil John produced called ‘Look at the
grills’.We got production from Dre. They did a song called ‘Compressions’.Stevie
J did alot of shit on the album.. Sean Dre from Atlanta he produced a
single ‘Don’t want no drama’. He produced his second part of the single
‘Don’t make’that they play on the video. Um got 112 on the album on the
song’All the drama amazes me’ uh I mean its just a real good album to
listen to man.

Rap Basement: Is it your favorite album of you guys’up to date?
Like is it your best album of yourselves that you think or what?

8 Ball: Yeah, it’s definatley one of the best 8 Ball & MJG albums
that have been on the streets in a while.

Rap Basement: How did you guys hook up with Ludacris?

8 Ball: Ludacris?

MJG: Yeah.

8 Ball: Man we been like no other, since he was Cris Luva luva
yanno what I’m sayin’ on the radio and shit back in ATL. And uh when he
hit the airwaves, he just uh has always been the same dude yanno. We calabbed
on my ‘Almost Famous’ album, and we calabbed on his uh Chicken & Beer
album me, him, Eminem, Jay-Z and (Carl Palmer). We definatley had to have
him, he was like one of the ppl we definatley had to have on this album.

MJG: Most definatley.

Rap Basement: How
did you guys end up at Bad Boy Records?

8 Ball: Man we shopped ourselves around a couple of years ago,
to see what these boys wanted to do. And uh yanno we already had a cool
relationship with him and uh we really thought that would shock the world
to see Bad Boy promote a south group with the standards of biology.

Rap Basement: So this is you guys’ 9th album. What keeps you
guys motivated to keep playing ya’lls albums?

8 Ball: Life.

Rap Basement: heh money.

8 Ball: Life, Money. Yeah definatley yanno, you need money to
live yanno what I’m sayin’. Life yanno man we love doin’ this man……

MJG: Being able to make good music yanno making stuff that people
still like.

Rap Basement: Was this song ‘We Do It’ directed at anyone particular?

8 Ball: Yeah uh directed to anyone? No. Uh it’s just a song man
yanno what I mean bra’

Rap Basement: What’s you guys’ relations with 3 6 Mafia?

8 Ball: Is that who you think it’s directed to?

Rap Basement: Na, I was just asking cus’ they are another big
Memphis group so..

8 Ball: Nah man they some cool cats man yanno.. They some cool
cats, we like how they represent our town.

Rap Basement: So what is next? Your ‘8 Ball and MJG’?

8 Ball: We go out and promote the tour all of April from the
1st- 30th. Um go anywhere from Oakland, CA to Orlando, FL.. Yanno from
Houston, TX to Philly and DC yanno what I mean. Everything in between
yanno what I’m sayin’. That’s what’s in the near future. I mean you gotta
do that and jump out and let everybody know we got an album in the stores
yanno. Get ready to let the world to hear this album man. You know we
love, we never stop doin’ shows like we always, yanno we been doing shows
forever down south. Been trying yanno to get to some of these little places
man… places that we just haven’t been to, and to go to states we haven’t
been to in the United States before and shit like that.

Rap Basement: Alright the next questions you can answer you guys
can answer really simple with just a couple words.

Rap Basement: Favorite drink? This is for both of you to answer.

MJG: Remi Martin

8 Ball: Yeah.. My favorite drink is water.

Rap Basement: Most hated southern rapper stereotype?

MJG: Low beats, Slow beats, and Down beats

8 Ball: Southern rapper stereo type, uh.. You got me on that
one bra’ hah.

Rap Basement: Your last big purchase?

8 Ball: Aye! You know what man? My most biggest southern rapper
stereo type of mine is… Is that we’re country..

Rap Basement: Country, alright..

8 Ball: You know why?

Rap Basement: Why?

8 Ball: Because there is country people everywhere man. There
is country people in New York that don’t know they country. Just like
they from Birmingham, Alabama. Im tellin’ you. They act like they could
write a song.. ahah They country I’m tellin’ you.. Country is more than
just how you talk.

Rap Basement: Last big purchase?

8 Ball: Last big purchase was..An Ounce of chronic

Rap Basement: What is in your cd player right now?

8 Ball: Ludacris.

8 BALL & MJG – Living Legends – In Stores NOW!

Don’t Want Drama
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