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Avant Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Rap Basement: Let’s start this off by you introducing yourself…

Avant: Yo this your man Avant holding it down for Geffen Records. New
album in stores December 9th “Private Room”, everybody go pick it up.

Rap Basement: So tell me about this new album, what’s different
about this album compared to the past?

Avant: Well what I try to do is make every album a personal album.
I try to make every song depict who I am and what I like to do. I feel
like I didn’t get the publicity on the last 2 albums so I try to seek
the eyes, make a personal album so when the ladies, because I don’t know
if they feel me or know who I am so when they listen to my album they
can say ‘Yo I feel like he’s right here next to me’. You feel what I’m

Rap Basement: Why did you chose this album to open up to your
fans on?

Avant: Because like I said before the last two album’s didn’t
get the publicity that I wanted them to get, know what I mean?

Rap Basement: Ya, do you think that was because of the record
labels or … ?

Avant: Ya I think it was more of the record label because I wasn’t
in the magazine or I wasn’t at the hot award shows. The push wasn’t there.
So what I tried to do is seek the eyes and make it personal so they could
feel me anyway.

Rap Basement: So your happy with the way everything turned out
with this new album?

Avant: Ya man I’m not mad at all. I think it’s very sensual,
very close, very sexual but very tasteful as well.

Rap Basement: Do you ever put on your own record to get girls
in the mood?

Avant: Ahhh. That’s a good question. Sometimes, you know. Sometimes
it’s not hard to get girls in the mood with my own music but a lot of
times I like to throw it back to the old school, put on a little Marvin
Gay you know?

Rap Basement: Ya. What do you think of fellow Chicago R&B artist
R-Kelly? And do you get tired of people comparing you to him?

Avant: Na, I don’t get tired of people comparing me to R-Kelly
because R-Kelly is the greatest of our era, of our time. So me being compared
to him is one of the biggest compliments, I just hope I can stay in the
game as long as he does or he is now. I want to stay in the game Ron Isley
for 50 years.

Rap Basement: I heard you recently opened for him, how did that

Avant: It was lovely man because you get the history of what
R&B really is with Ron Isley and you also get a piece of something new
with myself. I think the people really enjoyed themselves.

Rap Basement: Have any plans in the future for working with him?

Avant: I worked with him on the Eternal album and it was extremely
beautiful. I got a song for him called “Secret Lover”, it was actually
the second single off his last album, not the one he just finished, but
his last album. It was actually done real well. Platinum album, big up’s
to Ron. I also worked with the likes of the great Charley Wilson of the
Gap Band as well. So you know I’ve been around, messed around with history.
There’s one more person I’d like to work with and thats Michael Jackson.

Rap Basement: I heard you worked with Loon recently, how did
you hook up with him?

Avant: Ya that was real special. I was looking for someone to
do the remix of “Freeze Your Mind” and Loon we had talked at a club and
he was like ‘yo I want to do this joint with you lets make it happen’
big up’s to Puff I appreciate him for lending Loon over to me for a second.
Everything is sweet, we really dropped a hot exchange and I was really
pleased with that.

Rap Basement: I heard you have a role in the upcoming movie “Barbershop
2”, is that something you are going to persue in the future?

Avant: Exactly, like I said before. This time with Geffen Records
I’m getting the publicity I really want and I really need. I landed a
little role in “Barbershop 2”. It’s me and my mad Sed, I’m his best friend.
He’s having a flash back, my name is Ben during the movie, and we are
on the L-Train singing “Your Precious Love” by Marvin Gay. But ya thats
something I want to persue, but right now Im all about my music because
R&B is my life right now.

Rap Basement: So what music are you listening to right now?

Avant: The music I’m listening to right now, I’m actually listening
to Alicia Keys, her new joint right now is really hot. I’m also listening
to old school, Barry White those guys. I got a whole old school collection,
just to keep my mind in tune. Then I’m listening to hip hop, everyone
in hip hop doing their thing. 50 Cent, G-unit, Jay Black Album, Ja. I’m
for real in toon with everything. I’m a young dude with an old show.

Rap Basement: Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Avant: In 5 years… I told you I want to be in this game for
50 years, so in 5 years I want to be in the studio recording doing my

Avant – Private Room in stores December
9th 2003

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