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Canibus Interview

Posted By on January 14, 2005

by Emil

Emil: How’s everything going Bis? You ready to start this

Canibus: Been better, been worse, not enough time in a day..

Emil: Everybody should know who you are. But for the ones that
dont know, what can you tell them?

Canibus: Best thing to do is checkout www.micclub.net, surf at
your discretion and absorb

Emil: With all the underground success you’ve had is there any
chance you branch out into the mainstream?

Canibus: The flow of the mainstream changes and my brand of hip
hop may become popularized again-who knows?

Emil: Who or what inspired you to start rhyming?

Canibus: The 5 elements of hip hop inspired me to participate
in one form or another at some point of my life, rhyming happened to
be my favorite., thus , i set out to master it one day.

Emil: If i understand this right, you are in the army now. What
made you join the army?

Canibus: An assortment of reasons, briefly i will say that i
was looking for change and challenge.

Emil: How will that affect your music career. Will you have time
to make any new music for us?

Canibus: It has not affected my career thus far, and we are dropping
a new Canibus album, The Horsemen album, and Blakmilc project all in
2004. The digital revolution has made things much easier

Emil: For how long will you be in the army?

Canibus: Early 2005

Emil: About your newest album, “Rip The Jacker”. Could you tell
us something about it?

Canibus: RTJ is ahead of its time, it describes our civilization
through the eyes of a modern day lyricist/poet.

Emil: Do you have a favourite track from the album? If yes, which

Canibus: Poet Laureate 2 for obvious reasons. Some of my other
favorite tracks are on Miclub The Curriculum.

Emil: Now over to the Horsemen album. Is the Horsemen album finally
going to see daylight? Can you elaborate on that a little more?

Canibus: Yes,daylight 2004, we are now taking orders for your
favorite emcees, that will soon be at a store near you!

Emil: Who can we expect to see on the Horsemen album? Will there
be any guest appearances?

Canibus: Yes there will be new features , which ultimately is
up to the existing members and fans.Im sure they will let us know

Emil: How did the Horsemen come together?

Canibus: Met up with Kurupt in New Jersey in 1999, we wanted
to start a hip hop super group, ‘Rupt said the name Horsemen, 4 Horsemen
and he suggested Ras Kass, I immediately was like “hell yeah”, I knew
Ras from Atlanta/Patchwerks.I suggested Killah Priest and let Kurupt
hear heavy mental and thats it. We’ve been trying to get it out ever

Emil: I got the word that you have started work on Canibus VI
along with the DVD. What can we expect from this album?

Canibus: Canibus VI is way to bland a title, but I have started
work on my sixth album and if all does’nt go well it will still be released
next year as something for the fans to look forward to.

Emil: Are you still in the posession of T.H.E.M. demos?

Canibus: T.H.E.M. is classified material. See Louis Lombard at
Mic Club Music.

Emil: I just got the word that Eminem is imitating your voice
on a promoting Skit for “Cheers”. You have any comments on that?

Canibus: We immitate eachother sometimes..We love eachother.

Emil: What’s up with you and Eminem today?

Canibus: We meet at 3:30 am every thursday and battle is out
one on one-no cameras,media, or witnesses.Just like Rocky and Apollo

Emil: Would you ever be interested in making a track with Eminem

Canibus: Certainly, I think we can make am impact together that
has never been made before with min blowing hip hop rhymes-concept for

Emil: What you think about Eminem?

Canibus: Feelings are mutual.

Emil: What can we expect from you in the future?

Canibus: Depends on what i expect from myself.

Emil: Do you have any big collabs coming soon?

Canibus: Yes.

Emil: Are you hitting the road anytime soon? If yes, what are
the schedules. I mean what major places will you tour?

Canibus: No tentative plans,but that can all change.

Emil: Who would you like to collab with in the future?

Canibus: I can count them on one hand.

Emil: What do you think of state of Hip-Hop at the moment? What
are you into now days?

Canibus: Hip hop has evolved whether for better or worse,I dont
know,there are so many new fans of hip hop that even though we gain
more it can all be taken away from us, and the worse part are the ersults
are not up to me..They are up to you. Espri de core

Emil: It seems like everybody’s talking about 50 Cent today.
What do you think about him?

Canibus: 50 earned his place in hip hop, I remember seeing his
mixtapes for sale on the ave from this korean lady in the village downtown
back in 2000.Dreams do come true.

Emil: Alot of people have been sued lately because of kazaa and
file sharing programs like that. Where do you stand on that? Are you
against bootlegging and downloading of music?

Canibus: I think the issue has many pro’s and con’s.When your
unknow or unsigned, most would do anything to get their material heard,
when your a signed artist and make your royalties off cd’s that see
commercially, it affects the artist, almost like placing your valuables
in a bag with holes.

Emil: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Canibus: To soon to say

Emil: Do you have any last words?

Canibus: PEACE.