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Ed Lover & Doctor Dre Interview

Posted By on January 14, 2005

Ed Lover & Doctor Dre –

“The Jump Off”

Official Site: EDandDre.com

E-Card: http://www.fusionm2.com/fusion/vplayer/jumpOff/main.html

RapBasement.com: So tell us a little about The Jump Off?

Ed: Its me and Dre , its sindicated radio we get to do what we want. We control
it , thats the difference between any other show that we’ve been doing on radio
the past couple years. We control it musicly, we have 3 of the best Dj’s in
the country if not the best we get to control it and thats what makes it fun!

RapBasement.com: Besides the Jump Off do you have any new projects in the works?

Ed: A couple of movies we are lookin at , 1 called Dead Wrong, Still workin
on the kinks with our clothing line.

Dre: Also we are workin on a porno movie thats gonna be debuting with our girl
Nikki Starks. Its gonna also be called THe Jump Off. Were gonna put live interacting
kinda like a reality show.

Ed: Reality Porn , were gonna go up in da club with 12 hoes in the house. I
kid ya not Im dead serious im working on this shit right now 12 hoes and camera’s
were gonna film everything.

RapBasement.com: What type of relationship do you two have outside of work?

Ed: First off Its a hedero-sexual relationship I aint tryin to hear none of
that shit, Me and Dre do our thing we got our outside friends he got his friends
Igot mine we all get along.

RapBasement.com: You two have been around years, who stands out in your mind
as the greatest Mc Ever?

Dre: Why yall allways ask that question like theyres 1 Great Mc ever? Thats
a hard question, theyres not 1 great guitar player or 1 great Dj.

Ed: Straight Up I gotta think LL Cool J, for being a survivor, Allwaysad sales
he has allways been Platinum, Rhyme wise no other Mc is gonna try and battle
him, and his main body of work. Id like to say Big or Pac, but theyre body of
music stoped. Theyre will one day be a day where theyre wont be another 2 Pac
album, (Dre – No it wont) , LL continues , his sales , skills and the fact he
changed the game has to put him on top. Jay-Z is a close 2nd if he sticks around
he will be but right now it has to b LL.

Dre: My choice has to be “Pecan Willie” you havent herd alot from
him but he is the one that introduced the phrase “Nigggahhhhhh” to
all the Mc’s, I dont know much about anyone else just Pecan Willie. We found
some recordings from Pecan the un-released shit we gonna play it on the Jump
Off , we got his first recording. (Laughs)

RapBasement.com: What state do you feel hiphop is in at this time?

Ed: “Sings” Commercialllllllllllll

Dre: I didnt even hear the question.

Ed: He said what state is hiphop in.

Dre: Hip Hop has a state?

Ed: Underground Nigga’s run around saying they wanna be underground but yet
they wanna sale records and you cant do that. You cant sale records and be underground
at the sametime it doesnt work that way. Everyone is in it to make a living
and the culture its self suffer’s cause everyone just wants to floss. They keep
using HipHop as a way to be not what they are but what they want to be. Theyres
alot of fake shit out theyre, especially what they put down on records, I could
careless as long as they make good records.

Dre: Theyre’s to many motha fucker’s moving key’s that dont even got keys to

RapBasement.com: Do you think White Mc’s are culture stealers?

Dre: Naw, I think them Arib Mc’s are culture stealers, fuckin taliban mother

Ed: If I was a Arib Mc’s right now id drop a record called Drop Da Bomb, Drop
Da Bomb that’d be my first single.

Dre: Why do we gotta put a color on being a MC’s, why cant it be if your nice
your nice if your not your not and you will get dissed like anyone else?

Ed: If your white and ya wack, and ya tryin to perpetrate the culture for sales
then yes your a culture stealer but if you lived it and you good then fuck who

RapBasement.com: Where do you stand on the whole beef with 50 cent and Ja Rule?

Ed: No Where , thats none of our buisness. Who cares they both need to just
keep makin good records. Me and Dre just about good radio we aint gettin into
those Nigga’s buisness.

Dre: Personally we have nothing against either of those nigga’s.

RapBasement.com: Do you have any details on ya clothing line at this time?

Ed: Its in stores right now and doing well so thanks to everyone who been out
theyre purchasing!

RapBasement.com: Well thats all the questions I have is theyre anything you’d
like to add?

Dre: You didnt have 21 of em?

Ed: The Jump off radio show Ed Lover and Dre at a radio station near you, and
dont for get to log onto EdandDre.com!

Dre: And Josh wake the hell Up! (Laughs)

Ed: And Josh stay off the drugs song! (Laughs)

RapBasement.com: Its still a little early only 12:40 PM.

Ed: Its 12:40 here motha fucker whats wrong with you? Get up and work today

Dre: Josh, did you have sex last night?

RapBasement.com: Actually I didnt.

Dre: Ya didnt, just use ya hand Josh.

Ed: He needs to learn to wack off, I have sex everynight that way.

Dre: Hell pick up that reality porn and wack off to it we’ll throw in a touch
of reality for ya.(Laughs)