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Knoc-turn'al Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005


Album: The Way I Am

Label: Elektra

Website:: Elektra.com/knocturnal/

Rap Basement: So whats your new album called?
Knoc-turn’al: The way i am, got lots of big name people on
it you know. We got Snoop dogg on the single, got Dr Dre. Dropping February
25th. (March 23rd now)
Rap Basement: Who did you hook up with Snoop Dogg for the
Knoc-turn’al: Well we both from Long Beach i’ve known him for
awhile now. Just before now we havent found anything that was right for both
of us to be on.
Rap Basement: How does it feel to ghostwrite for legends like
Dr Dre and Warren G?
Knoc-turn’al: Its a blessing.
Rap Basement: What influences you as a writer?

Knoc-turn’al: My Daughter, My family from a world of talent. There’s
alot of creative people in my family they just didnt, they didn’t put it all
together right obviously.

Rap Basement:Yeah, yeah. How did u react when your last anticipated “Knocs
Landing” got bootlegged and then shelved?

Knoc-turn’al:I was flattered, knew I was flattered so.. You gonna
bootleg, that’s it. You (gotta do) what the man cannot kon. It solitifies
Knoc-turn’al being a house hold name. The bad side to that is, it was bootlegged 5 months before it
was scheduled to come out.

Rap Basement:Yeah

Knoc-turn’al:So, that’s when we came into play and (Jimmy Roman) is a
genious to even thinkin of it. My fan you know.. If not me, beleive in me,
you gonna stick with me, dont’care how long it takes to make another album
just make one. We re-created another budget for me to be able to get people on
my album…know what I mean?

Rap Basement:Yeah. So is there any percations your takin with this
album so you wont get bootlegged as much?

Knoc-turn’al:What, I don’t even have a copy of my album. If it get
bootlegged, if it get bootlegged its gonna come straight from Elektra

Rap Basement:Alright, uh So whats up with LA Confidential and its
complamation started dropping after your next album?

Knoc-turn’al:Oh we uh, we um, we got a man named (John Conner) outta New
Orleans, one of New Orleans finest. The day we met, we put together a cold
panel. You know, that’s my pal I love him to death you put together a nice,
squad of people. And then like, we took the song “(murder at the state
pound) ” from back in the day. He was 14 years old when he did that

Rap Basement:Alright, you’re on Elektra and LA Confidential why
aren’t you not on Aftermath? Was there a reason or……

Knoc-turn’al:Well, the day Confidential brought me to dre. They wanted to
sign me. It was because of morality and loyalty first thing that brought me
there. Because, I knew he was trying to do a record label. Then LA
Confidential. They wanted to sign me. I aint lyin about it or nothin. Cuz, one thing
you do is you don’t burn bridges in life burnin bridges, you don’t like that.

Rap Basement:Uh Huh… You have mentioned that you’ve worked with 50
Cent in the past. Where is this song (gonna help you)?

Knoc-turn’al:No nah nah.. I said that, that me and 50 Cent is gonna do a

Rap Basement:Oh, so you haven’t worked with them yet?

Knoc-turn’al:(oh naw) maybe in this one.

Rap Basement:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Knoc-turn’al:Livin’, I guess 5 years that’s far. What I gotta do is barry bonds this
album along with The Way I Am Would love the fact that all (that I was
even able to move the factor on ) of doing Legends of West
Coast Rappin. The thing I got left to do now is do get things together.

Rap Basement:Alright. Is there anything else you should know about

Knoc-turn’al:So um, I got this thing coming out on Playboy Tv with Buck
Wild on January 9. (Today is/It is) Januray 9th.) You can log on to
Playboy.com and find out the information about what timing and listing, in
the different areas you want. Excuse me Playboytv.com heh I’m sorry. And I
do a dvd for my (single release party) home video. (That’s coming out)along
side of my album for entertainment. (Especially when I dont know what I’m)
tryin to do right now.

Rap Basement:Alright uh….

Knoc-turn’al:Alot of people do alot of mix tapes and other stuff, I’m
doin that too, but I want (to get that) visual crowd yanno what I mean?

Rap Basement:Uh huh

Knoc-turn’al:On dvd, so you can see me, so you dont have a problem with not seeing but hearing

Rap Basement:Alright man, the next questions you can answer them very