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Lloyd Banks Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Lloyd Banks

& His

“Hunger For More”

Rap Basement: Originally when you were first getting things going with 50 and GUnit were you guys planning to have a group album and then solo projects or do you guys just think whatever comes there..

Lloyd Banks: Yeah you know it’s crazy tho alot of people think that we just went off the momentum off “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” like yanno why we doin’ somthin’ so lets try and do a group album, or let’s do a solo album. Yanno what 50 gave me a reality check a 2 years ago b/c me and Tony Yayo we were so used to rappin’ together. Yanno that we really didn’t have a problem with bein’ in the group at the time yanno what I mean b/c we were so used to doing everything together, but 50 like kinda put that on his like years ago. Like look man your Lloyd Banks, your Tony Yayo like ya’ll individuals, ya’ll too talented to be stuck together ya’ll have to do seperate albums. I kinda knew we was gonna have solo albums from the get go b/c I signed up a solo artist 2 years ago. As far as the GUnit project goes.. That was the the set up for the solo albums. B/c it gives the people a better reference to what is gonna come in the future you know what I mean. That was like the stepping stone. And I was in every video from ‘Wanksta’, ‘In Da Club’, to ‘Many Men’to ‘PIMP remix’ to Yanno what I mean, so if you really think about it that was four videos on 50’s part, plus the four videos we have out for Beg For Mercy, plus the mature records. So that is almost 10 features that they see me on before my solo project actually comes out. You understand? So it was all about marketing and us bein’ smart and smile with the last single off of Beg For Mercy and it was my solo record. Why? b/c my album is next. And I chose the record called like ‘Smile’ b/c Beg For Mercy they was expecting NWA, yanno and it wouldn’t make any sence for my solo project to be a hardcore record b/c thats whats all over tha album. So I wanted it to be a record that could be played on tha the radio that could go on video and be a good setup for “Im On Fire”, which is my first single.

Rap Basement: Alright since yours and Bucks album are coming out back to back. Is there any competition between that?

Lloyd Banks: No it’s not really a competition b/c we are really 2 different artists completly. Maybe if we were both coming out of New York City it would be viewed more as competition but Buck has a whole nother side yanno he has the down south slang so yanno its really 2 different markets like we are really trying to get each others market. I’m tryin’ to get the people who naturally like Buck and he’s tryin’ to get the people that naturally come to like Banks. Yanno I mean honestly before I met Buck I really didn’t have the knowledge of the down south market so like who was the next one coming up and things like that so we are just like workin’ each others market. He’s workin’ the East Coast market and I’m workin’ the down south market.

Rap Basement: How do you feel about everybody including 50 saying how you are the most lyrical rapper in GUnit?

Lloyd Banks: Yanno what it puts alot of pressure on me yanno b/c you have to consistantly stay on your job and at the same time its a good thing. B/c you know like Eminem is lyracist. He is not tryin’ to be anybody but himself. You understand? Like no body is gonna beat Eminem. He just has to beat what he did last. And that’s kinda like the theme where I’m comin’ in. I have to perform just as good or better than the last time you heard me yanno to where on the contrary like 50 he just goes in the booth b/c he is just so comfortable as an artist he just goin’ in a makin’ a record like ‘Wanksta’. Yanno and just bein’ him he just pours out into the booth yanno and sometimes like he cracks jokes on me or whatever b/c I gotta go in and really break my brain, to keep makin’ people go *ooooh and ahhh* and sayin’ like yanno things like Banks’ is the most lyrical, but I think we all share different things. Like I might have the lyrical title, 50 is like everything wrapped up in one, Buck is just like he has a down south thing Yayo is like the best performer you understand, it’s like we all have our better side.

Rap Basement: Alright. Who do you credit the most for infuencing you with your lyrics since you are so heavily using that source.

Lloyd Banks: Yanno what that is a good question. My infleunce as far as the metaphors and the way the complicity is .. Is prolly Biggie. I think Biggie played real I mean he was like the one that could make my blood rush like “woah!”. As far as my demenior and my character is naturally layed back. Yanno so like I was stuck on Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane. The one’s who made the records the way they were off the record. You never seen get on the record with the energy of a Busta Rhymes or the energy of somebody who is straight out going like an ODB or something like that. I’m doing it to sell records the way I am yanno naturally. That’s why I make my like my main influences are like Biggie. So if you put like ‘Biggie’, Snoop, and Slick Brick together you get a Lloyd Banks.

Rap Basement: Alright. What’s your approach and mindstate when it comes to songs from mixtapes v/s songs for albums?

Lloyd Banks: Well mixtaps.. see mixtapes you can freelance you can say whatever you wanna say that is gonna get a rise off of a crowd. Yanno I was so used to doin’ that, that comes second nature. When I’m doin’ records for my album, I’m givin’ you the same thing I’m givin’ you on the mixtapes, but I’m also givin’ material that I don’t care about getting an (oooh or wow) at the crowd. I do it to basically to tell you stuff you need to know. You understand. If I said you need to know this is what to expect from my neighborhood its kinda like a message at the same time you see good news travel slower than bad news. Yanno so if you grow up in the suburbs or you out of the country or whatever maybe my personal experiances will make you appreciate your neighborhood better. So it’s certain things that when I make a record or my album where I’m tellin’ you I don’t care about your *oooohs and ahhhhs* I just feel like you need to know this.

Rap Basement: Ok. Do you ever think you’re gonna stop doing mixtapes and just stick to doing albums?

Lloyd Banks: Nope.

Rap Basement: You’re always gonna do mixtapes?

Lloyd Banks: I’m gonna always gonna do mixtapes as long as its effectivee. I might not stay out there as much as I was. Just b/c you don’t want to come too familiar, but I will always do the mixtapes, b/c I built my core audience off of the mixtapes. So yanno and appreciate what I can bring to the table and yanno I think at the same time it’s like practicing it keeps my on my toes. Yanno ’cause if you don’t do mixtapes then you will have bunch of material. If you write as much as I do then you will have alot of material just sittin’ there. And I rather get it out to the people.

Rap Basement: Do you ever want to get into producing?

Lloyd Banks: Oh I will like to learn how to work the boards and things like that, but yanno I love makin’ music man and I think that would be cheatin’. If I could find out how to get it to that and to learn how to make my own music oh man that is where you really need to be afraid b/c you know exactly what you’re looking for, you know exactly how you want your music to sound you understand so.. I would love to and would prolly look forward to building and breaking the artist yanno first.

Rap Basement: Alright. So what is up with GUnit when is their next album coming out?

Lloyd Banks: GUnit as a whole?

Rap Basement: Yeah.

Lloyd Banks: First my will come out June 29th, ‘The Hunger Fore’; and July 27th Young Buck will comes out ‘Straight out of CaShville’, Game comes out in August or September, 50 in November, and then prolly the top of the year. If not a Tony Yayo album top of the year next year will be another GUnit album.

Rap Basement: Alright I heard that your birthday fell on the same day as D12’s release party in Detroit. How did that turn out?

Lloyd Banks: That was crazy. For some reason I always in Detroit. Yeah they had their album release party and I actually performed with them, when I was there so that was cool. It was alright yanno just to be out there yanno. They really embraced me and took us in then they showed us love when we go out there. I mean Em put alot of work towards that project yanno he produced three records, he rapped on one so yanno I wouldn’t of rather been anyone else out there.

Rap Basement: Thanks man, good luck with your album

Lloyd Banks – The Hunger For More – In Stores NOW!

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