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Loon Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Let’s start off with you introducing yourself…

LOON: Check this out. My name is Loon. Representing Harlem, representing
Harlem World, Representing Bad Boy… Representing Change

Rap Basement: Change, What do you mean by that?

LOON: Meaning that I am a true product of my enviroment. I contracted
through the streets. I did dispicable things that I totally regret. Thats
why I shy away from it in my music. I talk about more constructive things.
I talk about the ladies, I talk about just more party oreintated things.

Rap Basement: Since your from Harlem, did you ever know Big L?

LOON: Ya Big L was a great friend of mine. I knew Big L before
I knew Mase or anybody else. I knew him from the streets. Puffy Combs,
Cam… All of them had hoops dreams. We were all in the same town. We
all had different goals, but we all end up with the same goals in one
point in life. In the budding stages, I was in the street hustling, L
was in the street hustling, Mase was playing basketball, Cam was playing
basketball, we all just lived different lifestyles.

Rap Basement: Speaking of Mase, I heard you ghost wrote for him,
is this true?

LOON: Ya, the second album I helped him with The song “Smart
as you think”.

Rap Basement: Is that why you think people compare you to Mase?
Not just the way you sound but your lyrics style?

LOON: Ya, I mean Mase is a great artist dude. Im not going to
discredit the man like he wasn’t hot or he was wack or something. It’s
just he had a window open he had an opportunity and regerjatate a lot
of the qualities of Harlem and he ran out and sold 10 millions. He beat
a lot of people to the punch, not just me. He beat Big L to the punch,
he beat Mcgruff. He beat artists that had strong influence on Harlem before
anybody heard of Mase. It always ends up like that if you think about
it. It always ends up with the guy you least expect to be the hier to
the thrown

How did you get the name Loon?

LOON: Cuz I was crazy

Rap Basement: You were what? Crazy?

LOON: Ya Loon aint no name you pull out on GQ magazine. Loon
came from the street. Loon came from Los Angeles. I lived out in L.A.
well really beverly hills, mansfield ave. mansfield crips, you know. they
really profected my New York crazy, new yorkers we do have a distinctive
craziness about us. Everybody started calling me loony toon, or loony
or whatever. Yo thats a real loon right there.

Rap Basement: Why did it take you so long to release your album?

LOON: Because of all the transistion that Bad Boy had to suffer.
Talking about like the backlash from the court case, seperation from J-Lo,
being independent, searching for a distributor, finding a distributor.
All of them situation henged my release date. I could of tried to drop
on the first scheduled release date but it wouldn’t have gone accordenly
since the company wasn’t situated yet. They had to wait till litterally
Bad Boy and Puff could get their things together and I could get my things
together and now everything is falling together. Now it makes perfect
sence to drop in October, instead of September or August.

Rap Basement: How do you feel about Da Band? Are you upset on
the way they are signed compared to you? Did you ever have to go get cheese
cake for P Diddy?

LOON: First of all Im happy for the thing. My contribution to
Bad Boy is self-explanitory. I came over there and wrote the hottest records
for the past 2 years. So you know you could never compare me or put me
in the same sentence as Da Band orgin or they struggle. As far as cheese
cake, nigga I send people to the store to get cheese cake now, if i want
cheese cake. I wrote “I need A Girl” part 1 and 2 what do I look like
going to get some cheese cake?

Rap Basement: Are you happy with the way your self titled album
is doing popularity wise? How it turned out?

LOON: Of course. Not to be cocky but Im actually bigger then
my music. It has a lot to do with the exposure I got from Bad Boy and
it has a lot to do with me taking my own and solcializing and being at
all the hot events. I have to develop a presence that kinda surpasses
my music.

Rap Basement: How does it make you feel when P Diddy is always
saying Loon is the future?

LOON: It makes me feel like Puff has .. it shows a lot of character.
You learn a lot of things about Puff being a really driven artist or you
hear stories about being an artist effects his artists. To hear him litteraly
pass the torch, and to say that Loon is the future. It kinda puts me in
the same category as a BIG or Mase on his protocal. Im the next dude to
come through to pretty much restore, rebuild and refurbish the Bad Boy

Rap Basement: Do lots of girls come up to you asking you… “Daddy
how do you want to give it to me?” Since you put that song out?

LOON: Ya Ya, Oh ya. The ladies show me unlimited support. It’s
like Ive targeted, well I feel more compelled to target that market for
the simple fact of that phenomenon. Dre will be a hero when the hardcore
is coming though, you know Dre will drop a hardcore album every 5 years,
every 3 years and change the game back to hardcore. Make everyone want
to be gangsters again. Then Puff will come out and everyone will want
to be fly again. Not to hate but male fans are fickle. So it’s like I
really don’t deal with that fickleness, like girls appreciate everything.
Rather your hardcore or better made it dont even matter. If a female feel
you they feel you. Cats feel you if they man feel you or whatever, like
they will pick up a Loon album cuz their girls request it. I try to stay
true to those who are true to me. So shout to all my ladies out there
especially my sister.

Rap Basement: Some people in the past say P Diddy puts himself
infront of other people on Bad Boy and he shouldn’t be so involved in
everything like videos etc. How do you feel about that?

LOON: See you have to understand that also that even though people
say what they say about Puff being in your video or on your song, it works
wonders. You can’t deny the man. The man is internationaly known. By him
dropping in your videos that ultimately exposes you to this international
fans. That everyone that loves Puff will eventually love you by his participation
in your situation. You have to have a certain type of balance and I think
Puff has given me the space that I need the space that I require but at
the same time not to far to hurt me.

Rap Basement: So whats next for Loon?

LOON: What’s Next is I got movies, I got a movie coming out.
(whats that called?) It’s called “Death with Dynasty” coming out Rocafella
Sounds, and I got another movie coming out called “Unforseen” which is
like black version of Pulp Fiction, we shooting that in Canada at the
end of November. I got a throwaway that Nike is sponsering. I got a fur
company Im bringing this winter. I got a modeling agency…Touring Company,
Publishment company. People don’t understand that Im really the truth
when it comes to being a Bad Boy. I really move in shadows. I lived in
Georgia three years, people didn’t even know that. I stick to what I know.
When I was hustling I moved a certain way and I still feel like hustling,
even though I got a new product.

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