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Obie Trice Interview

Posted By on January 14, 2005

Obie Trice: debut album, “Cheers” coming in September… But in the meantime, it’s interview with Obie time…

RapBasement.com: How has rap changed your way of life and expression?

Obie Trice:: How has rap changed your way of life and expression? Uh… Rap has changed my way of life cuz I’m not, you know I don’t live in the hood no more, you know what Im saying? I got a, you know, I stay in a little suburb, nice little like uh condo a little crib, know what Im saying? Got a couple dollars now.

RapBasement.com: Are the people you grew up with happy for you in your success or are they jealous of it?

Obie Trice:: Are the people I grew up with happy with my success or are they jealous? Uh the people I grew up with are happy, know what I’m saying? They happy in my success. I ain’t seen no jealousy maybe cuz my album hasn’t dropped yet, but in the meantime, it’s Jimmy Iovine time, you know? I haven’t seen any signs of niggas cuttin their eyes at me on some jealousy and envy type shit.

RapBasement.com: Speaking of how your album hasn’t dropped, how does it feel to be on big tours like the Anger Management Tour and the Roc The Mic tour, before your album’s even out?

Obie Trice:: Man, it feels wonderful, it feels beautiful to be on the Roc The Mic tour. The Anger Management Tour was another beautiful thing. I loved that tour. That shit was the shit. The first one in the states, when I walked out on stage and there was 25,000 people, 30,000 people saying

Obie Trice:s lyrics verbatim front to back, hands in the air, wildin’ out, that shit was beautiful.

RapBasement.com: We all know “Got Some Teeth” is the first single and the video is being shot next week, what’s the concept for the video?

Obie Trice:: The concept for the video for “Got Some Teeth” is O Trice in the club trying to find me some nice looking bitches, you know what I’m saying? But I end up fucking around, and I keep picking the wrong one, because I’m drunk. It’s like, the concept is on some Shallow Hal type of shit you know where I’m looking at a humungous chick but really in my eyes shes slim, you know what I’m saying? You know I’m playing some Jack Black type shit. It’s going to be funny but it’s not going to be a slapstick comedy where it takes away street credibility, you know what I’m saying? It’s going to be a dope video though, you gotta check it out.

RapBasement.com: Will “My Club” be on the album?

Obie Trice:: “My Club” unfortunately did not make my fucking album, and you just pissed me off again for bringing that shit up. If that would of hit the world… I tried to get that on the album, Em was like “man but you know you came so far since ‘My Club'” and Im like “No though, lets go back”, know what I’m saying?

RapBasement.com: So will we ever see that song on anything?

Obie Trice:: You know what? I think I’m going get with my publisher and get that song on a hot ass movie soundtrack, you feel what I’m saying?

RapBasement.com: Ya. The song “BodyGaurd” recently leaked on the internet, how did that song come together and was that your first time working with Dre?

Obie Trice:: That was my first time working with Dre. The song is not called “BodyGaurd” it’s called “Shit Hit The Fan”. Working with Dre was beautiful, you know we got in the studio, we got some Hennessey, we drunk like 4 5ths of Hennessey. We vibed, we connected, he said “HELL YEA” a couple times, you know what I mean? IT was just a live, live day experience. We got a lot of work done, we knocked out like 4 songs in 2 days.

RapBasement.com: Will all those songs be on your album?

Obie Trice:: The majority of the songs will be on my album, I think one didn’t make the album, and you know what I’m going to do with that one.

RapBasement.com: Soundtrack?

Obie Trice:: Get with my publisher and get that on a hot ass movie soundtrack

RapBasement.com: So who’s featured on your album, “Cheers”, as far as rapping and production wise?

Obie Trice:: The features on my album, “Cheers”, rapping I have Dr. Dre, as we know. On my first album, Dr. Dre is rapping on my fucking album. I got my man Busta Rhymes, he’s doing a hook. I got Timbaland doing a hook, I got Timbaland producing two songs. One of the songs Timbaland produced is me and 50 on there.

RapBasement.com: What’s that song called?

Obie Trice:: That song is called “Im A Hustler”

RapBasement.com: So what was it like to work with 50 Cent?

Obie Trice:: Working with 50 Cent was great, you know what Im saying? It was just great to work with 50 Cent.

RapBasement.com: Everyone is dying to know why there has been such a long wait from when you got signed to your record release.

Obie Trice:: Right, everyone is dying to know. This is the question I get all the fucking time. The reason why it took so long to get my album done, is because Eminem was into a lot of shit. We didn’t get a chance to really get a chance to really get into the studio like we wanted to. He dropped D12’s album, he dropped his album next, “The Eminem Show” next, then he went off into the movie thing. So ‘8 Mile’ came about, ‘8 Mile Soundtrack’ came about, all this time he’s busy doing this, he’s busy doing that. I can’t get into the studio with him, I can’t get into the studio with him. Then around the ‘8 Mile’ movie, 50 Cent was getting signed, he was coming to the table with an album damn near done. Then boom we dropped 50 Cent first. He had the momentum, this what you want to hear? He had the momentum, he had the buzz, he had all that shit from New York, he’s been shot 9 times, yes, yes, get what Im saying? So

Obie Trice: came, and now Im here thats the thing, why it took so long? we don’t want to know about that, we want to know when is that album dropping, when can I pick up that album in the stores?

RapBasement.com: And when is that?

Obie Trice:: September 9th, 10th, 15th or 16th, whenever Interscope puts it out.

RapBasement.com: In the recent D12/Royce beef/battle. Everyone on Shady Records was name mentioned, except was for you. How do you feel about not being dissed by Royce?

Obie Trice:: Everybody on Shady Records was dissed by Royce except for me, how do I feel, he mentioned everybody’s name, how do I feel?

RapBasement.com: Ya

Obie Trice:: I don’t feel anything

RapBasement.com: How’s your relation with Royce?

Obie Trice:: I don’t even know Royce. I’ve seen him a couple times, but I don’t really know Royce like that. Good emcee, dope emcee.

RapBasement.com: How do you feel about internet piracy, downloading songs stuff like that?

Obie Trice:: You know what? Downloading songs is not good. This is what I’ll say. If I wasn’t a rapper, if I wasn’t in the music industry. Let’s say I was a plumber, or I worked at a factory, I would download music, you feel what I’m saying? (YA) But since I am in the music industry, I don’t want anyone to download music, not on September 9th.

RapBasement.com: What do you do when your not in the hip hop scene?

Obie Trice:: When I’m not in the hip hop scene? I’m usually at home, I’m with my crew, I’m with my daughter, I’m relaxing man.

RapBasement.com: What can we expect from “Cheers” ?

Obie Trice:: You can expect from “Cheers”, dope music, a good album, a dope ass album, solidifying the whole Shady Records family man, this is the wrap up. It’s like a bag full of goodies, and I’m like the twisty tie that you tie that ties up the goodies and hands it to the person. OR you can say 50 Cent is on 1st Base, D12’s on 2nd Base, Eminem is on 3rd Base and I’m up to bat, and I got a motherfucking pitcher who’s underhanding the ball to me, so you know this shit’s going out the park.

RapBasement.com: Any last words?

Obie Trice:: Yea last words…

Obie Trice: 2003, “CHEERS” debut album to the world man, to the world! September 9th or 16th you know something like that.

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