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Sheek Louch Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005



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Rapbasement: Why dont you introduce yourself

Sheek Louch: What up this is Sheek Louch D-Block

Rap Basement: What is D-Block?

Sheek Louch: D Block is the label on Universal you know.

Rap Basement: Whos all going to be dropping on D Block?

Sheek Louch: We got J Hood comen out, Jadakiss bout to drop
we got a D Block compilation and than another Lox comen out, but lox be comen
out on Ruff Rydas / Interscope i think.

Rap Basement: Whats your relation with P Diddy now?

Sheek Louch: Diddy?

Rap Basement: Yes

Sheek Louch: Diddy is family now i just hollared at Loon and
did a remix with him. I have learnt alot from Diddy over the years.

Rap Basement: So you are not holding any grudges since he still has
most of your publishing?

Sheek Louch: No, we are in the works of getting most of it
back right now but its all part of the game.

Rap Basement: Why did it take so long for you to drop your solo album
compared to the other members of The Lox?

Sheek Louch: Well i wasnt planning on putting out a solo album.
I was looking at the big picture trying to get our own label set up, was building
a studio just wasnt looken to drop a solo. Than mixtape DJs kept hollaring at
me so i would give them some freestyles and they kept asken for more. The streets
wanted more so i decided i would give it to them.

Rap Basement: Is there a reason you didnt put any skits or interludes
on the album?

Sheek Louch: I got skits on there but they are at the end
of the songs. I didnt make like track 7 skit because i wanted to keep things
more real on it and just keep it flowing.

Rap Basement: I heard Joe Budden originally was going to name his album
Walk Wit Me. How did you get him to change the name and how easy was it to get
him to change it?

Sheek Louch: Was really easy I gave him a call and explained
to him that I have been saying Walk Wit Me for some time. I have been saying
it in freestyles i even said it on Styles P last album. He was like damn you
are right, he was talking bout how he never even said for that to be his album
name that it was the labels putting it on it. But Buddens my man I talk to him
on the phone quiet a bit.

Rap Basement: Have you recorded with Budden yet?

Sheek Louch: No i havent worked with him. But im about to
do a remix for him. But yeah no hard feelings over the album name or anything
was strictly a misunderstanding.

Rap Basement: It seems you make a point of not working with main stream
producers like the neptunes…

Sheek Louch: Dont get me wrong i love the Neptunes and Timbaland
but Ijust wasnt going to go the manufactured route. Like some people you know
every move they are going to make. Most people thought Iwas going to go that
rout and i wasnt about to be factory produced like that. Thats why i got like
DJ Green Lantern and alchemist.

Rap Basement: How did Styles P going to jail last year effect you?

Sheek Louch: It didnt effect me any. I kept in touch with
him all the time when he needed money I sent it to him. And as far as the streets
they barely even noticed he was gone. I used to get at mixtape DJs and leak
them some Styles P freestyles so he stayed hot in the streets while he wasnt

Rap Basement: So whats next for you?

Sheek Louch: Im just trying to grow D Block, D Block Dip Set
these are the next future big labels.

Rap Basement: Is Walk Wit Me doing as good as you expected?

Sheek Louch: Yeah man if it goes gold i will be happy.

Rap Basement: So whats going to be your next single?

Sheek Louch: How I Love You

Rap Basement: Ill say a word than you say the first word that comes
to your mind.

Yonkers NY : The Street

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Lox : Gangsta