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Stat Quo Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

How did you pick the name Stat Quo?

Stat Quo: Status Quo is the vibe I wish everybody would live
and it means how the way things are. You see what I’m sayin’. And as this
relates to luck I’m Stat Quo, I consider myself the way things are going
to be. You understand what I’m sayin’. I’m that new bar. Better myself.
I’m gonna be what everybody else following, the trend setter.

Rap Basement: Is your upcoming album still gonna be called ‘Hot
Sauce’ and whats the kind of schedule with that?

Stat Quo: My upcoming album is not going to be called ‘Hot Sauce’.
That got misunderstood. My new album is gonna be called ‘Statlanta’. ‘Hot
Sauce’ is the name of the mix tape coming out volume 3 hosted by Eminem.
But my album will be called ‘Statlanta’..

Rap Basement: And who’s gonna be on that besides you?

Stat Quo: Eminem and Dre are my producers and uh a couple other
people. You know, a couple other people on there to tell everybody about
the movie, untill the movie coming out you know… You gotta go see it!

Rap Basement: How complete is the album so far?

Stat Quo: Prolly about half way done.

Rap Basement: You have any idea when it will be coming out?

Stat Quo: The winter.

Rap Basement: You have the single picked out yet?

Stat Quo: Nah.

Rap Basement: Alright So when is your Ungerdround Altanta mix
tape Volume 3 gonna be coming out?

Stat Quo: I should finish it this week. So, they should have
it in stores prolly like the middle of April like near the end. Some time
this month..

Rap Basement: And is it just hosted by Eminem or is there any
songs with you and him on it?

Stat Quo: Eminem is hosting it.. I got Game on there, Kanye West
on there, I got Bon Beesley on there, I have uh Young Bloodz on there,
TIs on there and Killer Mike is gonna be on there, (El Teamo) outta Cleveland..
Uh… Who else… Uh Dre is gonna be on there..Young Buck is gonna be
on there.. YOU KNOW ! Everybody heh.

Rap Basement: Most people stereotype other rappers.. Do you feel
you will be stereotyped the same way?

Stat Quo: I think most people stereotype everybody. People period,
not even the rappers, people in general..One thing, I’m not gonna put
me in any kind of category. But I try my hardest to stay away from that,
and just be me and create my own category.

Rap Basement: Alright what new do you bring the the hip hop community?

Stat Quo: I’m bringin’ me man. I don’t feel like no body like
me. Cus’ no body like Dre, and no body like Em he’s an individual. You
know what I’m sayin’.No body like me, I’m just another individual bringin’
my own attention to it something that everybody might like.

Rap Basement: Alright, I know that you did a song for the new
EA Game Fight Night. How did you get on there?

Stat Quo: A girl named Abby, she had an oppertunity where she
knew some people over there and she contacted my manager (Zeek), and I
guess she recommends the producers. And I was out there late and I went
over there in L.A. and did a song for them, and they liked it.

Rap Basement: I read that you have a degree in business.. Is
that true?

Stat Quo: Economics and International Business yeah..

Rap Basement: You alternatley decide to take the music route.
What made you change your mind?

Stat Quo: I had Scarface, was a very big part in that. Him (Scarface),
Indi Ecentrik, Jose Ecentrick and G Wallace. Those four people right there
played a major part in that cus’ they actually thought I had talent.

Rap Basement:So they pushed you more to music instead of following
a business?

Stat Quo: Nah instead of going to Law School. I went to you know
I graduated from college but, I just didn’t go to law school or whatever.

Rap Basement: What was the first thing you did after you got
signed to Aftermath?

Stat Quo: Well the first thing I did.. Let’s see I went to Disneyworld..The
first thing I did after signin’ with Shady Aftermath was I went out and
bought ‘Straight out of Compton’.. again.. Then I went out and bought
the ‘Marshall Mathers LP’.. I bought the First ‘Chronic’. The other first
thing I did, was went on a cd spree and sat down and listend to those
cds, and said I wanna make some shit like this.

Stat Quo – Statlanta coming winter 04.
Check out Underground Atlanta Volume 3 ( aka Hotsauce) in stores now.,

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