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WC of Westside Connection Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Rap Basement: Let’s start this off with you introducing yourself…

WC: What up y’all this is Dub C from the Westside Connection, The
Ghetto Heisman

Rap Basement: Why has it taken so long for Westside Connection
to come out with a new album after such success from the first one?

WC: First of all, it wasn’t planned. Shit wasn’t planned. The
first one wasn’t even planned. We all had aggressive style and we were
all working with each other and stuff, on each other’s project and everything,
so we all think let’s get together and make it happen. We didn’t realize
out the gate how big it was going to be and what effect it would have
on the whole rap generation. We realized we were bigger then life with
it, the collaboration, we had fun with it. To come out with another album
right after that one, would have been good, but at the same time it wasn’t
planned. So we wanted to make sure it was special because we realized
we had something special. We just took our time, everybody went on and
did their solo projects and we just came back and dropped it.

Rap Basement: Is it hard since everybody is on a different record
label to come together and do a group album?

WC: It’s kinda hard with everybody having conflicting schedules
but it’s not hard to call each other up and say let’s make it happen when
the timing is right, which we did because we all really honest you know.

Rap Basement: Why is the album named ‘Terrorist Threats’?

WC: We called the album ‘Terrorist Threats’ because all the things
going on in the world. All these official laws are changing and in the
future rap music will be speaking about all the dangers.

Rap Basement: Why is Westside Connection so upset with the amount
of R&B songs & singers?

WC: Cuz, there’s too much of it. Too much of anything will effect.
I think that a lot of people out there feel the same and just don’t have
the nuts to stand up and speak on it. Can’t be mad at somebody because
they on the radio.

Rap Basement: I heard you recently left Def Jam, why is that?
And have you relocated yet?

WC: No, I haven’t relocated. I haven’t really given it a lot
of thought about how it was going to go. My plan wasn’t to leave Def Jam
in the first place and go somewhere else. I’ve learned over the years
being a business man, it wasn’t good business to be over there. Being
an artist from the West Coast over there and they don’t really have an
understanding of my life style and my music in general. The way I was
treated on the last project, it wasn’t to my standard at all. I severed
my relationship with Def Jam, I got a lot of love for them.

Rap Basement: So you left on good terms?

WC: Ya, I left on good terms, definitely. Me and a lot of the
artists over there still partners and I holla at them.

Rap Basement: So you have no idea where you’d like to end up?

WC: I mean I got a lot of offers on the table right now, lot
of offers. Literally a lot of offers. I have no idea what directions I’m
going to go right now. I’m just going to focus on Westside Connection
right now.

Rap Basement: Your DVD is finally out right now, why did it take
so long in production and for it to come out?

WC: Because I wanted it special, piece of my heart. If you look
at it, it aint about… A lot of DVD’s are just a nigga with a camera
in his hand. Mine was educational and at the same time true. Actually
right there with you, step by step through the ghetto. We explaining the
game, it shows my emotion in the bag.

Rap Basement: Are you happy with the way it came out?

WC: Ya man I’m loving it.

Rap Basement: What do you think the state of west coast rap is
at the moment?

WC: I think that right now we are in a real crucial state for
the simple fact that a lot of the outlets in hip hop are not based over
here. A lot of outlets in general from radio to videos, down the line,
are controlled from the east. I think that it’s real crucial that we drop
a record like ‘Terrorists Threats’ by Westside Connection. I mean I’m
loving all the love we getting over here from different artists as well
as fans and stuff, so it’s all gravy.

Rap Basement: How are you expecting ‘Terrorists Threats’ to do
as far as sells?

WC: I think ‘Terrorists Threats’ will do well to are friends,
of course our expectations are larger then life. Realistically, we don’t
do records specifically to sell like 55 Million copies, we do records
because we like it, it makes it special. We speak from the heart and do
what we want to do.

Rap Basement: Who was the funniest person who tried C-Walking
for you?

WC: Um.. I’ve seen so many, it aint one, it’s a lot.

Rap Basement: You talk a lot about acting. How’s that going
for you? Can we expect you in any coming films?

WC: There’s money in the acting thing. I can see something coming
along in the future. I pretty much know a lot about films being around
Cube and stuff, I need how seriously I need to take it. I don’t want to
try and write a movie just to say I wrote one. I got a lot of ideas, I
feel when I really apply my mind to that it would be especially with Cube
and all the actors and producers I’ve been fortunate to be around. I see
it in the future, but not right now I’m not trying to act, I’m trying
to speak.

Rap Basement: So what’s next for WC?

WC: Realistically I’m pushing for Westside Connection then maybe
a solo album, we will have to see.

Westside Connection – Terrorist Threats
In Stores December 9th 2003

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