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Young Buck of G-Unit Interview

Posted By on January 15, 2005

: How did you get the name Young Buck?

Young Buck: I started hustlin on the streets at a young age.
I was real young compared to the other dudes that was on the block. But
I had a little more heart, to do a little more then the other dudes that
were on the block. An OG, his name is Preeze he’s in the penitentiary
now, he gave me that name.

Rap Basement: How did you hook up with 50 Cent and later join

Young Buck: I’m 22 years old now, back with I was 16 I had met
Cash Money, you know Baby from Cash Money? (Yaw) They was looking to sign
me back then, but things didn’t work out you know. I had dropped out of
high school; I dropped out in the 9th grade. After that didn’t work out,
I was back at square one.

Rap Basement: So you were never signed to Cash Money?

Young Buck: Na, I was never signed. It didn’t work out. Mainly
because of their career, they took off, the Hot Boys at the time, that
was their main focus and I was pushed to the back. It was rough and I
went back home for minute. So during the time with Cash Money me and Juvenile
had become friends. I was back at home for some 2 years; I was 20 years
old then. Juvenile hit me up on the phone and he was ready to start his
own label. I was looking for a way off these streets so I was like ‘yo
lets make it happen’. I went on the road with him from there. This was
2 and half years ago. One of the first places he went was New York. It’s
kind of a base for hip hop where everyone goes to get their deals and
do all the corporate stuff. When he had got there one of the things he
said was he wanted to work with 50 and I was always a friend of 50. So
when his name got brought up, I really pushed the issue. I was like “come
on get in here” and I seen it as a kind of way to keep in touch with him.
He ended up coming by the bus later that night, and Juvenile had a studio
on the bus at this time. When he came by we played songs for each other.
He brought Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo with him and they were playing their
songs, and I was playing songs I had done. Well out of the vibe that was
going, 50 was really feeling me and I was feeling the whole vibe of his
situation. Everything wasn’t working out with the whole situation with
Juvenile. He had been out on the road for over a year at the time and
it was like nothing. You know I’m really hustling and on the road with
this dude at the same time, I’m like illegal but legal at the same time.
So I was telling 50 I don’t know how long I’m going to be doing this before
I go all the way back to the streets because things aren’t happening for
me right now. He was like ‘if everything works out, I’ll keep it real
and come back and work with you’. So through that time I stayed in touch
with him you know. I would call like every week to to check with them,
come by to see what they was doing. Fly up to New York, fly out to L.A.
while he was recording and working on the “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” album.
We ended up recording a song “Blood Hound” and that ended up getting on
the “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” album. So it took off from there. After I
did the song, it was like ‘yo I was always in place; I wouldn’t say I
had to get initiated into G-Unit because I was always a part of G-Unit
then without you knowing me. I was just from a different place which made
it a little hard for me to be there. It’s just Nashville everything became
official where I made my decisions, made my moves and being a notorious
G-Unit head, in every mag, featured on every film.

Rap Basement: It really looked like when Yayo went to jail that
you really stepped up and you became a bigger member. Is there any jealousy
between up and Yayo?

Young Buck: Me and Yayo got real real good blood. Make sure you
clear that up! I’ve had a lot of different people asking me that. I just
want the world to know now that me and Yayo are good friends, you understand
me? We are all good friends and we can never beef amongst each other.
We kind of like something different that you haven’t seen in your life
before man, we kind of like the truth. The real deal. So you really don’t,
you really won’t have to look forward to hear that Lloyd Banks broke up
from G-Unit or Young Buck broke up with G-Unit or Yayo got to fighting
with Buck and all that. You won’t hear those types of things because we
respect each other now and ever before this rap thing, you know we friends.
Me and Yayo got real good blood and I can’t wait till he gets home and
we can start giving the world what it needs to see, all of us together.

: So nothing is going to change as far as your participation
in G-Unit when Yayo gets out?

Young Buck: I mean there will be cars around here, more diamonds,
and more guns in the area. Other then that ain’t nothing changing homie.

Rap Basement: You said “Juve left me in California, I don’t respect
that” in your solo song “Footprints”, what happened with that situation?

Young Buck: Basically what happened was Juve… He was a friend,
we friends you know. At the time he was looking for anything to happen,
he was running looking for opportunities. There was an opportunity given
to Juve he would go and see what it was about as far as deal situation.
He was looking for a deal with his own record label. In California there
happened to be a spot where these certain deals were offered, through
a certain guy. It was all good you know because when I got out there everything
was everything and I didn’t trip about the situation and then I rolled
with the punches I was that type of dude. I was looking to try and make
me a career happen. When we got out to California I think Juve had received
a phone call saying he had to be in court for something back in Texas
or somewhere and he kind of like just left that following morning like
in the middle of the night without anything he just like struck out. When
we woke up, me and skip, the bus driver, some old guys, people in the
UTP entourage, we woke up and we didn’t have any money or nothing at the
time. You feel what I’m saying? (YA) We didn’t know who was paying for
the hotel or nothing. Its like you wake up one morning and your boss is
gone, your there on your own. I was there on the strip with him, although
I was trying to make things happen for me, and he had left. I don’t know
if the situation was that important where he had to just struck out and
leave or what but all I know is he left, and he left where at the time
there was no money in my pocket, there was no money in Skip’s pocket.
And when I say skip those were his other artists working with us at the
time. And he just kind of like left us. It was kind of crazy because the
bus driver didn’t even have money to move the busses. Later on we get
a phone call from the front desk saying ‘yo you all got to get up out
of these rooms because the guy who was paying for these rooms isn’t paying
for them anymore, he left, and he’s not here’. He was supposed to be out
there completing a deal with somebody.

Rap Basement: Who was that somebody?

Young Buck: … It was with Suge Knight. (oh ok) He was supposed
to be out there if not completing a deal at least looking forward to doing
a deal with the dude. It was kind of crazy because I wasn’t completely
aware of the situation and what kind of talk was being spoke or what kind
of deal was being offered. It just made me be stronger; it made me be
aware of what I was being around. I don’t have any hard feelings with
Juvenile, it’s just like Damn! You just up and left. I had to get somebody
to wire me money from Tennessee to fly back home. From there I was like
‘yo anybody leave me in a situation like that man… it was just crazy
it’s all good, I’m going to accept that, but I’m just going to step back
you know what I’m saying? (ya) Sit back and focus on Buck, somebody just
gets up and leaves you in a situation like that you know… it’s just
kind of crazy.

Rap Basement: So did you speak to Suge? ever meet with him? (YA)
So were you going to be signed with him back then too, were you part of
the deal or was it just Juvenile?

Young Buck: It was Juvenile. Juvenile was looking to do his…
I really don’t know the facts of what he was looking to do; I just knew
I was with Juvenile. I don’t know what he was trying to do, was he trying
to do the deal with us, because he was still in paper work with his situation
with Cash Money. You know it just taught me to be aware of everything
that’s going on around you. I spoke to Suge and we didn’t have any bad
blood or whatever. The meeting was like what up what up and it was all
good so there wasn’t any bad blood between me or Suge it was just the
simple fact that even he knows Juve had us all out there and even left
on him, really you know what I’m saying? He was paying for the hotel rooms
and everything. Once he realized Juve had left, he cancelled the rooms,
and it was me and probably six or seven other guys. Nobody knew where
they were going to stay at; everybody was going their own way. Everyone
was in the process of getting with family trying to get back home and
a couple of guys got left behind in California because they went their
own way looking to get some money and it was just crazy back then. It
was hard but it was fair because I’m good now. That why in the line you
hear me say “Juve left me in California but I’m going 2 accept that…
I love him too much to beef” You feel what I’m saying? So I’m just going
to step back so make sure you don’t get it twisted.

Rap Basement: So you don’t have beef with anyone at Cash Money?

Young Buck: Na I don’t got beef with anybody, even though things
didn’t work for me. At this point everything is good. I look at everything
I went through back then as a learning process so everything’s all good

Rap Basement: So… How much ice do you got up in your mouth

Young Buck: Honest… What you see in the video and what you
seen on these pictures are pull outs. I got gold teeth up over my original
teeth so they got to take my teeth out and got to take impressions but
it’s close to a 100 G’s.

Rap Basement: I heard you hooked up with Lil Flip for his new
album. What’s your relation with him?

Young Buck: That’s my homeboy. Flip is a good dude. Flip and
David Banner man, them my homeboys along with Lil John & Titty Boi and
them boys. The whole south man, we are all together. Me and Flip been
friends for years and I met David Banner and we been close friends out
here lately and the whole south we out here together. We don’t play that
beef game too tough.

Rap Basement: What about fellow Tennessean’s 3,6?

Young Buck: Them are my homeboys, those are one of the first
dudes that gave me a shot and an opportunity at being heard man. One Love
4real. 3 6 Mafia. I’m on When The Smoke Clears I had 8 bars on the posse
song it’s number 14. They from Memphis, that’s like 3 hours away from
where I’m from Nashville.

Rap Basement: Was there any reason you chose ‘Footprints’ as
the hook on your solo song? what does it mean to you?

Young Buck: Honestly I had laid the verses down (and 50 picked
it?) Yaw. Once 50 had heard my verse he was like ‘Yo lets do it’ once
he said it I was like ‘damn this is perfect’ because we was fitting the
same exact feeling from what I was trying to get from the song. So I was
like lets run with that, but 50 came up with the hook.

Rap Basement: So what’s next for you?

Young Buck: Man I’m looking for the solo thing but Lloyd Banks
is next. He’s due in March. 50’s coming back in June / July. I probably got like
20-22 solo songs done already .

Rap Basement: So are you signed to Interscope as a solo artist?

Young Buck: I’m signed to G-Unit, G-Unit’s signed to Interscope.
So we all doing solo albums next.