Young Roscoe Interview

Young Roscoe Interview

Head To Toe
(featuring Sleepy Brown)
It’s That Time Again
(featuring LaToiya Williams)


Smooth Sailin’





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Young Roscoe

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Rap Basement: So what can we expect
from your album?

Roscoe: Heat, man. Intensity. Uhh, expect fire man,
at rapid paces, and bomb beats, you know what I’m saying? I just have
bomb beats on my album, man, and I rock ’em, you know what I’m saying?
Cuz I got skills on the mic. I just gave the people something they wanted
to hear, you know what I’m saying? I ain’t really got nothing to prove
so I gave the people something they wanted to hear. Anybody wanna see
me, come see me, I serve ’em

Rap Basement: Any collaborations to speak of?

Roscoe: Yeah, Y.A., my group. The biggest thing in
the West coast since… Uhh, I would say, Magic Johnson.

Rap Basement: Who are you feelin’ in the game right

Roscoe: Man, uhh… Right now I’m feelin’, I’m feelin’
everybody in the game. I ain’t got no problem with nobody. I’m feelin’
myself though, the most.

Rap Basement: What state do you feel hip-hop is in?

Roscoe: Uhh, hip-hop is growing, you know what I’m
saying? Everybody’s talking about it. As long as it gets talked about,
it’s making money. Hip-hop ain’t doing too bad. Everybody’s trying to
save it, that’s good. You know what I’m saying? I don’t see it in danger.

Rap Basement: Is there anyone you’d like to collab
with that you haven’t already?

Roscoe: I’d like to collab with… Uhh… Tweet. [laughs]
I’d like to collab with uhh… Ashanti.

Rap Basement: [laughs] We’re talking about music, ain’t

Roscoe: Yeah… And I’d like to collab with uhh.. Mya.

Rap Basement: [laughs]

Roscoe: And uhh, I’d like to collab with Monica. And
uhh, I’d like to collab with… uhh… Mariah.

Rap Basement: All at once. [laughs] Do you feel that
you’re living in Kurupt’s shadow?

Roscoe: Nah… I’m doing my own thing, man. I’m doing
it big in LA and in the West coast. Now when I go back home to Philly
I do my thing out there; Everywhere I go I do my thing, you know what
I’m saying? I’m different, you know? I do my own thing.

Rap Basement: Why are you not signed to Tha Row Records
since your brother is the Vice President?

Roscoe: I’m a company owner, I got my own label. I’m
on Capital/Priority, distributing my own company: Rose Of Sharon Entertainment.
(R.O.S.E.) Named after my momma.

Rap Basement: Who all were the producers on your album?

Roscoe: Supafly, DJ Quik, uhh… lemme see… Organized
Noise, I had Def Jeff, I had J. Wells, I had uhh… DJ Pooh worked on
it, Battlecat, you know. A lot of people, I had a lot of support.

Rap Basement: Well that’s all the questions I have.
Is there anything you’d like to add?

Roscoe: Uhh, yeah, Young Roscoe Desoto, West coast,
East coast, dirty South, it’s real big. Can’t nobody see me on that
mic, and uhh I got the tracks to make your head bounce. Get the album,
“Young Roscoe Philafornia”, it’s real big, it’s the biggest thing since
doin’ it… Since safe sex.

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