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YoungbloodZ Interview

Posted By on January 14, 2005

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“Cadilac Pimpin”
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RapBasement.com: Lets start by you guys introducing yourselfs…

Sean Paul: Sean P aka Sean Paul

Jbo: This is your boy Jbo Hair bone jones.

RapBasement.com: This questions for sean paul. Do you often get confused with the reggae singer sean paul and do you ever play around with people pretending you are him?

Sean Paul: Look man its like people come around every know and than
and are like no you aint. But than i gotta whip out the license and show them
whats going on.

RapBasement.com: Most people don’t know that jbo is andre of outkasts cousin, do you think because of how artists like andre is your cousin made your entrance into the music game easier?

Jbo: Actually he isn’t my cousin but I know him real well, they get
me mixed up people know who I am though, we do our thing, represent the youngbloodz
and kast, we all family.

RapBasement.com: How long have you know Andre for?

Jbo: We been knowing them for some years, since their first one, their first record so thats around 93.

RapBasement.com: Why did you guys choose so so def as your new home?

Sean Paul: They were the same family and so they just hollared they
got family so why not.

RapBasement.com: How did you guys hook up with Lil Jon?

Jbo: You know Lil Jon is from the same town we is so it wasn’t hard.
We were like family we were family first it was real easy. right down the street
lets holla at Lil Jon, lets go get him.

RapBasement.com: How did the promotional tour with Bone Crusher go?

Sean Paul: That went good man, same neck ov da woods. We play the same
type of music, we are family man. So it was happy off the chain my homeboys
and youngbloodz together.

JBo: And if you look at our old video, U-Way, he in that video. He
came out doing his thing and if you look at our 85 video T.i. in the beginning
we been putting it down for a minute we know everyone down there.

RapBasement.com: Is there anyone you would like to collaborate with that you haven’t collaborated with?

Sean Paul: You know man not one person that we want to collaborate
with. There might be some new people tommorow that we might want to. Everybody
out doing there thing continue doing there thing, im always looking for the

Jbo: You don’t really want that, you want them to know you anyway.
If you have a lot of features then its more like a complilation anyway. We want
them to know about sean paul and jbo right now.

RapBasement.com: You guys rap about cadallic pimpin, so what you roll in now?

Sean Paul: cadallic

Jbo: Im in that SS

RapBasement.com: oh ya? What kind of rims you got on it?

Jbo: None right now. They be on soon, I aint never on home. you know
I don’t really get to drive too much, making moves.

RapBasement.com: There are lots of beefs currently going down in hip hop, do you guys got any beefs right now?

Sean Paul: Its all good but youngbloodz aint got time for beef with

Jbo: All we want to do is drank, we’ll drank with people set it down.

Sean Paul: I would just go and knock on there door.

RapBasement.com: What can we expect from your new album?

Sean Paul: Off the chain man get ready to party, get ready to get crunk.

Jbo: Get ready to ride, have a good time. When you put it in, it aint nothing but party time, ride out party, hit the club party, its a stress free record, put it in.

RapBasement.com: Who was your biggest influences when you were growing up?

Jbo: Run DMC, Outkast they was first. For the A, they represent, they
did it good. Theres a few out there tho man, theres a hand full out there.

RapBasement.com: It says you guys have been friends since middle school…
(ya).. Do you think that has made your rapping partnership stronger or ??

Sean Paul: Defineately, i’ve known him so long its like he’s my brother.

RapBasement.com: I’ll say a word then you guys say the first thing that comes to your mind… aight? …. RAP

Sean Paul: Beer

Jbo: History

RapBasement.com: 2Pac

Sean Paul: My Nigga

Jbo: Aint gonna come

RapBasement.com: Eminem

Sean Paul: Fooling White boyv

Jbo: White chocholate

RapBasement.com: The Source

Jbo: Hip Hop

Sean Paul: Yeah Hip Hop thats what that is.

RapBasement.com: Atlanta

Jbo: Off the chain! A town, dirty south
Sean Paul: Thats what im saying off the mutherfucking chain

RapBasement.com: The varcity restaruant

Jbo: greezy

Sean Paul: You Know that.

RapBasement.com: Do you guys have any last words

Jbo: August 26th Drankin Partnaz

Sean Paul: And what up all ladies that love me.