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Anything Else

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Movie: Anything Else
Reviewed By: M


Woody Allen …. David Dobel
Jason Biggs …. Jerry Falk
Christina Ricci …. Amanda
Stockard Channing …. Paula
Danny DeVito …. Harvey
Jimmy Fallon …. Bob Styles


A young comedy writer, Jerry (Jason Biggs), meets an older fellow writer
(Allen) and their relationship grows stronger as Jerry asks him for advice
to help him through his problems. Jerry lives a life that no one would
envy him for with his difficult girlfriend (Ricci), her mom (Channing)
who live with them and his bad manager(DeVito).


There haven’t been many good comedies in the past few years. Most
movies try to use physical comedies excessively to get a laugh or just
have either a bad plot or no plot at all. Anything Else is a good comedy
and probably the best in 2003 but that doesn’t say much due to the lack
of good comedies.

Woody Allen teams up with American Pie’s Jason Biggs in this movie and
they make a very good team together. Allen plays a 60 years old paranoid
school teacher who is trying to make it as a comedy writer but is too
afraid to quit his teaching job. While Biggs plays a 21 years old comedy
writer who has a lot of problems with his life and finds Allen’s character
comforting and persuasive so he goes to him for advice. There conversations
are filled with funny dialogs and a lot of jokes, usually by Allen’s character,
possibly too many.

Jerry’s (Biggs) main problem throughout the movie is his girlfriend
Amanda (Ricci). They have good chemistry together and have some of the
funniest parts in the movie. With Ricci’s unique and annoying character,
you will definitely hate her by the end of the movie. Danny DeVito is
also in this movie as Jerry’s manager but doesn’t really deliver anything
special. Another misleading advertisement was listing Jimmy Fallon as
a star in this movie when he only had about 3 lines and 5 minutes of screen

Compared to new comedies, Anything Else is very good but falls short
as a movie. It’s quite messy and doesn’t have a clear conclusion. It just
feels like it asks more questions then it answers and isn’t really focused.
It is a very funny movie, filled with good quotes and some interesting
dialog but at the end you just feel like it didn’t deliver a message or
make a statement. Also i wasn’t really sure why this movie is rated R
because there is nothing that would require that in my opinion just some
brief drug use and sexual humor.

Anything Else is a funny movie with decent plot and good acting but no
clear lesson.

Rating: 7/10
Runtime: 108 min.
MPAA: Rated R for a scene of drug use and some sexual
"Anything Else" opens nationwide Friday September, 19, 2003.