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Bad Boys 2

Posted By on January 14, 2005

Movie: Bad Boys II

Martin Lawrence …. Marcus Burnett
Will Smith …. Mike Lowrey
Gabrielle Union …. Sydney Burnett
Joe Pantoliano …. Captain Howard
Theresa Randle …. Theresa Burnett

Summary: Drug-lord (Jordi MollĂ ) has found a way to transport extacy into
Miami through the water. Narcotics cops Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus
Bennett (Lawrence) head up a task force investigating these activites.
At the same time the DEA is making their own moves without telling the
Miami PD which resault’s in a hostage case involving Sydney Burnett(Gabrielle
Union) who is also Marcus’ sister.

Director Michael Bay teams up again with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
for the sequel after 1995’s “Bad Boys” became a blockbuster. Only this
time they have all the money they need and can do whatever they want.
So as expected they had fun till they couldn’t handle anymore. The outcome
is flawed though has some great sequences with both great action and comedy
that makes up for the bad moments.

The plot is told in peices. You can cut the movie into 5 30min episodes
and pass it as a miniseries which has it’s pros and cons. From one view
it gives the audience a little break to get ready for the action and jokes
coming .However, from another view it slows down the movie and doesn’t
seem connected so at a point the viewer might just stop caring. It holds
it’s strength for most of the movie untill it breaks down near the end
when everyone suddenly becomes heroic and starts to act like superman.

Chemistry is what makes this movie works. The connection between Martin
and Will and their preformance together is rather impressive. The whole
movie is filled with inside jokes and just halirous scenes between the
two. Joe Pantoliano repraises his role as their boss and goes mad throughout
the movie which causes for a few laughs. The rest of the cast do well
though i hated the villian but i guess he is suppose to make me hate him
so good job!

As I mentioned, the movie could be seperated into 5 peices with each
having a bigass action sequence. There are alot of blasts, car chases
and gun shootings. Though the one that stands out is the awesome car chase
in the middle. It reminded me of “The Matrix Reloaded” car chace with
all the cars flying in the air. The digital effects were average but got
the job done.

There is a scene where they show rats humpin and that alone is worth
the price of admission

Bad Boys return only this time it’s louder, longer , funnier and most
importantly better.

Rating: 8/10

MPAA: Rated R for strong violence and action, pervasive language,
sexuality and drug content
Runtime: 2:30
Bad Boys II opens nationwide Friday, July 18th 2003

Reviewed By: M