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Fighting Temptations

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Movie: Fighting Temptations
Reviewed By: M


Cuba Gooding Jr. …. Darrin Hill
Beyoncé Knowles …. Lilly
Mike Epps …. Lucius
Faith Evans …. Maryann Hill
Steve Harvey …. Miles Smoke
Rue McClanahan …. Nancy Stringer


A New York advertising executive(Gooding) travels to a small Southern
town to attend his aunt’s funeral. He finds out that she left all her
inheritance to him but he has to create a gospel choir and lead it to
success before he can get the money.


Even though the movie is set in a church and tries to set up for a great
moral lesson or a message at the end, there was just nothing morally great
about it. It was very predictable from the beginning to the end and had
nothing interesting about it that would keep you watching until the end.
The only thing that is worth watching is the music which was the highlight
of the movie.

Since his Oscar Winning Role in “Jerry Maguire”, with the
exception of 3 or 4 movies, Cuba Gooding Jr. has made a bad film after
another. This movie is no different. There is no main plot; instead it’s
just a big mess of scenes put together. Things just seem to happen in
this movie without previous explanation. The movie claims to be a comedy
but the only humor in it are the few comments by Epps and Harvey.

The music was probably the main reason why Beyoncé would do this
film. After getting her career off with a good start in Austin Powers
there is just no reason for her to do such a film like this. It will hurt
her career more than it will help it. Another disappointment was the small
parts that Mike Epps and Steve Harvey had in this movie. From the trailer
and the promotion I thought they would have more screen time then the
few minutes they had.

Unless you are a hardcore Soul music or Beyoncé fan, try to avoid
this movie or rent it if you must see it.

Rating: 4/10
Runtime: 123 min.
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some sexual references.
"The Fighting Temptations opens nationwide Friday September, 19,