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Freddy Vs Jason

Posted By on January 14, 2005

Movie: Freddy Vs Jason
Reviewed By: M

Robert Englund …. Freddy Krueger
Monica Keena …. Lori Campbell
Ken Kirzinger …. Jason Voorhees
Kelly Rowland …. Kia
Jason Ritter …. Will Rollins

Summary: After everyone in town stopped mentioning
Freddy’s name and made sure no one heard of him, he wasn’t feared anymore
so he had no power to kill people in their dreams. Freddy then came up
with the idea of sending Jason to Elm Street to kill a few kids, so they
would think Freddy did it and start fearing him again. He did just that
but then Jason was killing everyone and Freddy wasn’t liking it at all.

Critique: After all the long wait
full of rumors and bets, the legends face off in a very bloody and
entertaining match up.

Robert Englund repraises the role of Freddy yet again, while Ken
Kirzinger wears the jason mask for the first time in this movie. The rest
of the cast are mostly new actors with Kelly Rowland being the only known
name due to her music career. Most of them do well except Jason Ritter who
i didn’t like due to the retarded facial expressions he makes all the
time. There were a bunch of stoners in the movie who added to the fun with
a couple of jokes here and there. One of the interesting things i found
was that the cast was more involved in the movie than i originally
thought. Without spoiling any surprises they did play a part in the

I am not a big fan of either series because the movies are very
repetitve so it was nice to see somthing different in this film. The movie
is full of action and there is gore wherever there can be. I don’t wanna
say anything more about the plot beside what i stated in the summary
because of the surprises in the movie that you should see for yourself.
There are a couple of plot flaws here and there but some of them you wont
notice and the rest could be somthings i missed in some of the movies in
either series.

The Battle scenes between Freddy and Jason were well excuted. It’s a
dream come true to the fans of the series and i don’t think anyone would
be disappointed with the fights. The only thing that could disappoint is
the ending which i didn’t really like. I felt it could have been better
and i think the movie should’ve been a bit longer since there was alot of
room for more fights. The movie was made for the fans of the series and i
think it achieved it’s goal in statisfying the fans.

If you want entertaining horror, don’t mind alot of blood and little
plot then this is you’re movie. If you are a a fan of either series then
you can’t miss this movie.

Rating: 7.5/10

MPAA: Rated R for pervasive strong horror violence/gore, gruesome
images, sexuality, drug use and language.
Runtime: 98 min
“Freddy Vs. Jason” Opens Friday August 15, 2003.