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School of Hard Rock

Posted By on January 15, 2005

School of Hard Rock
Reviewed By: Desert Eagle


Jack Black …. Dewey Finn
Joan Cusack …. Principal Rosalie Mullins
Mike White …. Ned Schneebly
Sarah Silverman …. Patty
Joey Gaydos …. Zack, the lead guitar player
Maryam Hassan …. Tomika, the shy singer


Down and out rock star Dewey Finn (Black) gets fired from his band, and
he faces a mountain of debts and depression. He takes a job as a 4th grade
substitute teacher at an uptight private school where his attitude and
hijinx have a powerful effect on his students. He also meets Yuki, a 9-year-old
guitar prodigy, who could help Dewey win a “battle of the bands”
competition, which would solve his financial problems and put him back
in the spotlight.


Jack Black plays a true rock star Dewey Finn who dreams of making it
to the top and “Sticking It To The Man”. Unfortunatly for Dewey
his band replaces him in a secret meeting and he is left to fend for himself
to find some money, to pay his friend the rent he owes him. Dewey is sitting
in his appartment when he receives a life saving phone call from a prep
school. The prep school is looking for a supply teacher to fill in for
one of the teachers who has an unfortunate mishap. Dewey steals the identity
of his friend to become a supply teacher to receive money so he can pay
off his friend. The school is run by a tight-ended teacher played by Joan
Cusack. Dewey arrives in the fifth grade and just sits until the days
come to an end. That is until he heres his students playing classical
music in there music class. Dewey gets the brilliant idea of using the
kids to start a rock band and enter the battle of the bands to win his
way to some rent money. Dewey gets caught up with the police and has to
hide until the kids who are inspired by Dewey force him to go to the battle
of the bands.

The movie is hilarious, Jack Black is not as nuts as he usually is in
a movie but he still has his moments. If you love rock and roll and have
ever dreamed of living the rock and roll lifestyle this movie is for you.
All orignal music written by Jack Black and screenwriter Mike white. This
movie will inspire you right to the very end.

Rating: 8.5/10
Runtime: 108 min
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some rude humor
and drug references.
“School of Hard Rock”
opens nationwide Friday October,
3 2003