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The Rundown

Posted By on January 15, 2005

The Rundown

Reviewed By: Trevor N

The Rock …. Beck
Seann William Scott …. Travis
Rosario Dawson …. Mariana
Christopher Walken …. Hatcher
Ewen Bremner …. Declan
Jon Gries …. Harvey

When Travis (Scott), the son of an underworld kingpin, disappears in the
Amazon on a quest for a priceless artifact, Beck (Rock), the kingpin’s
retrieval expert, is sent to get him. Despite their hostility – the two
must eventually join forces to fight the evil head (Walken) of a gold-mining
corporation who is after the same treasure.

The Movie starts off as Beck is hired by Travis’s father to hunt Travis
down and bring him back to his father. Beck takes this job because he
wants to wipe his slate clean from the buisiness and open a restaurant.
Unfortunetly for Beck, nothing goes as he has planned. In his Journey
towards the retrieval of Travis, Beck encounters many problems. To start
off with, there are rebels everywhere and they dont take anything from
anyone, secondly, Travis is wanted for by another man, who is in control
of a gold-mining corporatin, and thirdly Travis will not leave to go to
his father because he hardly knows the man. When Beck confronts Travis
about his plan to take him home, he is interrupted by the gold-mining
man. Throughout this movie this occurs over and over again and begins
to become repetitive. Anyway, after Beck and Travis escape and evade the
man and his rebels, Travis causes to come in more trouble as he crashes
their jeep over a cliff. Now the two are stranded in the jungle with no
clue where they are and what lies ahead. It is with Travis’ wittyness
that causes him to get Beck into trouble with the rebels and many other
groups of individuals. The two adventually venture on throughout the movie
to obtain this artifact and to take Travis back home.

This Movie is your standard beat em up then shoot em up movie and follows
the archtypical patterns that most of these stories do. The combination
of "The Rock" and Sean William Scott, make a great team and
their acting abilities combined together make a fairly well devolped film.
If this film lacked anything, it would have to be creativity, and character.
I felt this movie was your typical good guy vs bad guy scenario, and could
have made improvements.

Rating: 6.5/10
Runtime: 104 mins
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for adventure violence
and some crude dialogue.
"The Rundown" opens nationwide September 26th