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50 Cent: The Success Story

Posted By on January 15, 2005

50 Cent The Success Story
By: TrevorN

We’ve all heard his music, his kick ass beats, his catchy lyrics, seen
him on t.v, seen his unique music videos, and some of us have actually
purchased some of his stuff. I am talking about 50 cent. 50 cent seems
to be a very successful man now but how did he become so successful in
the music industry?

We’ll start off from the very beginning, Curtis Jackson , a.k.a 50 cent,
was born on July 6, 1976, and grew up in South Jamaica, Queens, N.Y. He
was raised by his grandparents after his mothers unfortunate murder at
the age of 23, and was put into a hard life. By the age of 12 , 50 cent
was dealing drugs, and by the age of 19, 50 cent was running his own drug

50 began to make a heavy rep and a lengthy rap sheet. It wasn’t until
his son was born that 50 entered the rap game with the intent to win.
He signed with JMJ, Jam Master Jay, and started to craft his skills. 50
was noticed and signed to Columbia Records in 1999, his breakthrough seemed
inevitable. They sent 50 to upstate New York and locked him up in the
studio. In two weeks, 50 made 36 songs,which resulted in Power of a Dollar,
which Blaze Magazine reported as being a classic. The album produced a
sarcastic anthem called "How to Rob" which began a hit depicted
a ruthless up-and-comer detailing how he would rob famous artists like
Master P and Timbaland.

50 was just getting well into his career when he decided to do a cd with
Destiny Child. Just after they finished the cd in April of 2000, 50 was
shot 9 times, 2 of those bullets hitting 50 in the face. Columbia, being
the pussies that they are, decide that it was to dangerous to have 50
around and dropped his contract. 50 spent the next few months recovering.
50 now began making tapes with a producer named Sha Money XL, and produced
30 songs. These songs spread like wild in the black market and gave 50’s
rep back where it was before.

50 came out with the song Guess Who’s Back? independently and began to
attact intrest. Being backed by G-Unit, 50 kept grinding out more songs.
With a red, white and blue bootleg called 50 Cent is the Future circulating,
In the midst of a major-label bidding war between Jive, Universal and
J, according to reports, Eminem began proclaiming repeatedly that 50 Cent
was his favorite rapper. After consulting with Dr. Dre, Eminem ended up
signing 50 to his Shady/Aftermath label, reportedly for over a million

It was not the money that attracted 50 though. It was the oppurtunity
to work with the "dream team" as he called it. 50 Never missed
one opportunity, 50 quickly released a track called "Wanksta"
which found a home on Eminem’s multi-platinum 8 Mile soundtrack. Shortly
after 50 realeased a song called "In Da Club" which was a major
hit, and was played across the country. 50 was now known as one of top
hip/hop and rappers known to the world. He began excepting awards from
such award shows as Mtv music video awards, american music awards, and
teen choice awards. He also began performing at these events boosting
his ego and his success rate.

It was about this time when 50 came out with "21 questions"
featuring nate dog, which again was successful and stayed that the top
100 for a while like many of his other songs. 50 cent now decided that
he would put out a clothing line, as well as a watch line, which was named
after his son. With all this success 50 had really determined himself
in the music industry as a successful musician as well as a successful
business man. With all this success 50 has many plans for the future,
such as a movie starring 50 cent , base on his life, as well as his recent
purchase of former mike tysons mansion.

With the current level of success produced by 50 , it is evident that
we will being seeing 50 in the future and that he will become more and
more successful as he progresses through his career.