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DMX – Grand Champion

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: DMX – Grand

Reviewed By: Desert Eagle
Release Date: September 16th 2003
Rating: 9/10
Track Song Name
01 Dog (Intro)
02 My Life (Feat. Chinky)
03 Where The Hood At?
04 Dogs Out
05 Get It On The Floor (Feat. Swizz Beatz)
06 Come Prepared (Skit)
07 Shot Down (Feat. 50 Cent & Styles P)
08 Bring The Noize
09 Untouchable
10 Fuck Y’All
11 Ruff Radio (Skit)
12 We’re Back (Feat. Eve & Jadakiss)
13 Ruff Radio 2 (Skit)
14 Rob All Night (If I’m Gonna Rob)
15 We Go Hard (Feat. Cam’Ron)
16 We Bout To Blow (Feat. Big Stan)
17 The Rain
18 Gotta Go (Skit)
19 Don’t Gotta Go Home (Feat. Monica)
20 A’Yo Kato (Feat. Magic & Val)
21 Thank You (Feat. Patti Labelle)
22 The Prayer V
23 On Top (Feat. Big Stan)
It Dosent get any better than this. DMX has put out another
Album and from all the speculation it is his last album. With his last album
you know its going to be a classic that all major hip hop fans will listen
to for ages with production from Dart La, Tuneheadz, Kanye West, Swizz Beats,
Saleem Wreck, Tony Pizarro, Ron Browz, Rockwilder, No ID, DJ Scratch, Bam,
DMX, and Mac G. All of you people who have been stuck under a rock or two
for a year DMX is one of the most respected hip hop artist I would say world
wide and if u like a hard aggressive rhyme with excellent production pick
up any one of DMX’s albums or this one, if u dont already have it. DMX has
been around for years but is retiring but more importantly he wount be forgotten,
when he leaves we will always have his music to remember the way he let
us look into his raw and rugged life style. DMX’s albums are known for there
amateur but street produced tracks and their newly signed artist appearences.
This album seems to deal on both professional scale and Amateur scale producers
and artist. Apperences on the album include Chinky, Swizz Beats, 50 Cent,
Styles P, Sheek Louch, Syleena Johnson, Infa-Red & Cross, Drag-On, Eve,
Jadakiss, Cam’Ron, Big Stan, Monica, and Legendary R&B Singer Patti
LeBelle. You may not like DMX but you must give respect when respect is
due, and now its time for DMX to receive his respect from everyone. I cant
force your opinion so ill just lay down the tracks for you.

(01) Dog Intro. The Production is a stimulating piano
and a smooth drum tap , its like DMX wanted you to get hypnotized. After
he’s smooth piano loops he rhymes with some sweet seductive lyrics this
is a deep intro. Makes you wanna listen more.

(02)My Life (Featuring Chinky). Starts off with something
that sounds like “Sing For The Moment” by Eminem, then the song
continues on with its rattling beat and lyrics of struggle as DMX yells
out to his father that this is his life and no one can change it.

(03)Where The Hood At. Most possible “THE BEST”
anthem the streets have ever had with its hardcore spurts and heavy production.
DMX has made this song the new national street anthem. Swizz Beats couldnt
have made a better beat for a better track. DMX spits about his situation
on the Music industry and his situation with Ja Rule.

(04)Dogs Out. Fast beats, full out barking, and a little
girl on the hook couldnt make a song any more wild. This song is a full
outburst of visual lyrics, you can actually picture DMX running the streets
with this song. If theres a favorite song on this album, I would say this
is one of those songs.

(05)Get It On The Floor (Featuring Swizz Beats). All
i can say is this song is more then you could ever expect from a club
song. The Production is all out horns and drum pounds, the lyrics finish
what is a completion of perfection.

(06)Come Prepared. A Skit about a black male shooting
another black male. Unfortunatly this is what takes away from the album.

(07)Get It On The Floor (Featuring 50 Cent and Styles P).
How does this man continue to make classic songs. The answer to this is
in this song this man continues to bring up new and old artists and makes
there lyrical content that much more extreme. The Production is also nuts
as hell continuous bubbling of metal and drums. This is another track
that sounds like it was chemically balanced in a lab.

(08)Bring The Noize. This has to be the song you hear
when someone is chasing someone else its fast paced and has a really fast
paced lyrical content, a side of X that isent heard but still adds perfection.
More war styled production with horns and a nice beat, this song may have
perfection but it still isent the best song on the album.

(09)Untouchables (Featuring Sheek Louch, Syleena Johnson, Infa-Red
& Cross, And Drag-On)
. This is the song for the invincible,
people who have power. This song will intoxicate u with its catchy chorus
and its mad smooth Production, beat like a Jazz drum. DMX and the Ruff
Ryders who appear on the album make this the new Ruff Ryders anthem. This
is the next generation of Ruff Ryders, listen up and be on the look out
for their albums.

(10)F*** Ya’ll. Has the best old school feel to it with
the beginning dj scratches. Progressively the Scratches turn into a sweet
guitar loop. The best Production on the album is on this track. The lyrics
only make the listening experience that much better to hear if you like
having the idea of a rock and oldschool feel to a song, this is your song.

(11)Ruff Radio (Skit). Another skit, atleast this ones
got abit of comedy to it. Threatening a white boy DJ to play Ruff Ryder
tracks over the radio. Its an Invasion skit. Better than the first skit
on the cd.

(12)We’re Back (Featuring Eve, and Jadakiss). Eve delivers
here sexy voice to the track and rhymes some mad stuff on this track and
dont think Jadakiss isnt gonna hold back he’s rhymes reach out of ur speakers
, headphones or whatever and smack you around. This track will tell you
that DMX, Eve and Jadakiss are back and will continue to rule hip hop
as the Ruff Ryders. The Production chimes and a bullet drum line.

(13)Ruff Radio 2 (Skit). The Sequel to Ruff Radio, this
time they slap around the little white boy and make him cry out loud.
This skit lets you know its… ruff ryders forever.

(14)Rob All Night (If I’m Gonna Rob). Well when I heard
this I was disapointed because from here on i thought it was gonna be
crud and DMX proves me wrong again. There is really no stopping this Yonkers
born man, the lyrics just lay you on your ass and keeps kicking you until
you cant get up. Production does the same thing and adds a broken neck.

(15)We Go Hard (Featuring Cam’Ron). Now i was really
disapointed on this track. Cam’Ron makes hits from songs with people with
whinning voices but he cant make hardcore tracks like this. Other than
the fact that Cam’Ron takes away from the song, everything else is nicely
poured together.

(16)We ‘Bout To Blow (Featuring Big Stan). Big Stan
has proven that Bloodline is the furture, his lyrical blasts with the
production rock the speakers without the volume being cranked up past
the little arrow thing. DMX delivers more than a lyrical revolution he
takes out the trash and jams it down your throat. Production is so much
more than what any one could think about, it hits you randomly with heavey
drum punches and massive horns.

(17)The Rain. There is no emoticon for what this song
means. Is that DMX singing, or atleast attempting to sing. The Production
is like a sassy beat, a nice mello and calm spring of noise. The song
gives X the power to stop the rain or traffic depending the time and place.

(18)Gotta Go (Skit). Another Skit this ones about a
young man who cheats on his wife and trys to leave that past alone until
his wife leaves. not really interesting unless you dig chick flicks or
romantic crap.

(19)Don’t Gotta Go Home (Featuring Monica). Gotta Go
the skit is the leading up point to this song and is a magically produced
duet of man and machine. DMX delivers his rugged innocence, well Monica
seduces the hell out of the listeners and the truth out of DMX’s character
in this story-song. This song promises a well and truthful future between
a man and his misstress. A chick flick type song. Hello Ladies .

(20)A’yo Kato. This song has got to be one of the sadest
songs on the album. It talks on DMX’s friend who was of latino background
who had recently passed away. This gives you X’s history with his friend
who has passed on. When u hear this song you better give respect even
if you hate the song
if any one has died and someone makes a song about it you have to give
a small prayer of respect to that person. DMX lays out his cries to his
dead friend on this well made track produced by your man Swizz Beats.

(21)Thank You (Featuring Patti LaBelle). Breathless.
The one word that describes this song the best if you now how Patti LaBelle
has worked her magic on her own songs, you have to hear this song to feel
the effects of a duet of a Legendary rapper and a legendary R&B Singer.
This song is the gospel verse that DMX has missed in his past four albums
this is an instant classic with a classic church style production. Breathless.

(22)The Prayer V. This isent a song but is a thank you
to the lord for letting him have such an amazing life, to please himself
and the rest of the world, on this ode to the lord he has a minor beat
to the background.

(23)On Top (Featuring Big Stan). This is the bonus track
that was placed on the album featuring the up and comming Big Stan of
DMX’s Bloodline Records. Again Big Stan Blows off the roof on the Studio,
DMX delivers booming lyrics to a nearly perfected beat. The future is
Bloodline and the Future is near. Lookout for Big Stan hopefully coming

This is quite possibly “The Greatest” album i have ever heard
and i hope that if you hear this whole album word for word you will respect
it as much as his other albums. The Album includes all the tracks listed
and a sneak peak bonus Dvd. Do not let the essence of DMX’s music die,
pick up the album play it over and over, and then get the rest of his
albums (if you dont already have them) and continue his legacy. Much love
to you DMX.

Pure Classic, you cant stop him even if you had an entire army after