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Ja Rule – Blood in my Eye Review

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Album: Ja Rule – Blood In My Eye
Reviewed By: Desert Eagle
Release Date: November 4th 2003
Rating: 7.5/10
Track Song Name
01 Murder Intro
02 The Life
03 Clap Back
04 The Crown
05 Kay Slay – (Skit)

06 Things Gon’ Change / 2 Punk Ass Quarters – (Skit)
07 Race Against Time II
08 Bobby Creep – (Skit)
09 Niggas & Bitches
10 I.N.C. Is Back, The
11 Remo – (Skit)
12 Blood In My Eye
13 It’s Murda – (Freestyle)
14 Wrap, The – (Freestyle)

Through out the years Ja Rule has been thrown down on the ground has been called a “pussy” and has been noted as soft. After much speculation and debate that he would most likely have another track like “Always On Time” on what seem to be a continuous circle of crap, Ja Rule has surprised even the fans who dis-like him the most. This album is what seems to be Ja Rules Revolution into the world of true hip hop. This album contains surprising production and a small amount of guest artist on the album such as, Hussein Fatal, Caddillac Tah, James Gotti, Sizzla, Black Child, Young Merc, Do Cannons, Shadow, Sekou 720, and everyones favourite Big Remo. Ja Rule is known for his crazy and excessive use of R&B artist in tracks about girls, he’s also known for taking songs from other people and changing the lyrics to suit is idea of a “Good Song”. This cd contains very little outside guest artist besides Death Rows, Hussein Fatal. The songs on the album are verbal jabs at arch enemy 50 Cent and his powerfully crew of Shady Records and the G-Unit. Other than stolen songs and unoriginallity this cd is an amazing blend of hardcore street hip hop. This CD may come to some as another reason to slap a Murder Inc. logo on a piece of plastic but take the time and listen its actually surprisingly well mended and produced.

1) Murder Intro (Skit). Its Ja Rules way of saying this cd is about rugged hip hop and his chance to get back at everyone whos taken slaps to him. Its a skit thats not even really that good to put on the album. Ja Rule needed a Strong Metallic beat to start off this cd.

2) The Life (Feat. Hussein Fatal, Caddillac Tah, and James Gotti). Now this is where the CD comes out to show its heavy side. Its production of slow piano strikes and hard hitting drum beats help Ja Rule and the rest flow so perfectly over a track that disses G-Unit, Caddillac delivers nice slashes to the record, well Ja Rule sings the Chorus. (Bringing his R&B side back. No more Please Ja)

3) Clap Back. OH MY GOD. This song is the best song Ja Rule has made since Holla Holla. The Chinesse guitar slings and heavy bassed drums are slamming the Rule to show his true hip hop force. Ja Rule yells his rhymes to create fear into fiends who try to attack rule. Unfortunatly it features a long talking session at the start. Other than that Rule has created a master piece song.
Listen to this song and play it while cruising the block.

4) The Crown (Feat. Sizzla). “N****’s is second guessing the state im in” BOOM he dropped a ton of bricks on this track that has a darker piano sound and a soft but fast drum beat. This song takes aim at 50 Cent and makes fun of Kobes sexual assault charges. Sizzle delivers a raggae chorus that is not needed to make this song sound so amazing but without it you would have Ja Rule singing again so good work Sizzla. This song is the second best song that Ja Rule has made listen to it, play it, share the music with your friends.

5) Kay Slay (Skit). Your friendly neighborhood drama king drops a line of encouragement to the Rule on his new album. Its a skit you cant get away from them. Just wait 10 seconds and Ja Rules next song will be on.

6) Things Gon Change (Feat. Black Child, Young Merc and Do Cannons). This is a song that was made to try and stir up some trouble with Shady and Aftermath owners (Eminem and Dr. Dre). This song has a fast paced production that essentially takes the song to a level of excellent that cant be mastered by anyone else but Ja Rule. Rule rips the rythme to shreads and black child, Young Merc, and Do Cannons help along with Rule. This song has its goodness but again Ja Rule has to sing. STOP.

7) Race Against Time (Part 2). Everyone remembers the song race against time from the Fast and Furious soundtrack, Well this is the sequel to that monster track and as you can guess this song is monsterous just like its original. The production of horns and painos and a multitude of drums and clashes of symbols. Ja Rule rips the chorus. Ja Rules singing is a good thing on this track.

8) Bobby Creep (Skit). Well again a simplistic waste of time that seems to makes you dumber and dumber. For a good album it has a hell of alot of useless skits. Ja you should of sang on every part of the cd you put a cd atleast that would of been funny. A Cheap imitation of the host of the show “Lifestyles of the rich and famous” along with a crappy parody”

9) N****s and B*tches. A track about Sex, Money and Murder, a track that actually isnt helping the state of hip hop. Other than the fact that Ja Rule tries to tie a song about chicks and pussy with a diss to Proof and 50 Cent. The Production sounds like an Old Techno video game with a clapping drum beat. Other those factors this song is pleasing to the ears.

10) The INC Is Back (Feat. Shadow, Sekou 720 and Black Child). Stolen song. Ummm where have i heard this song before, oh yes thats right, The streets is back by the LOX. Unfortunatly
Ja Rule and his crew did not make this song better than it was, besides the unoriginality the production is costumized with phazer sound effects, luckily the rhymes arnt stolen so the song kinda has its comeback sequence with talented rhymes by all 4 rappers. Goodwork on the unorignality. This is not murder.

11) Remo (Skit). This guy is the only guy ive ever laughed at on a skit. He talks so rich and street its funny to listen too. This is a diss skit to 50 Cent calling him a wanna be pimp and his excessive use of swearing is funny as hell.

12) Blood In My Eye (Feat. Hussein Fatal). Nice this song is some Pac shit assisted with one of pacs closest friends, this song has the essence of Pac in it. It Has the old school black singer on the chorus. Ja Rule Spits fire on a fernace beat. This songs production is tightened to make perfection to an album that purely lacks true Hip Hop.

13) It’s Murda ((Freestyle)Feat. Hussein Fatal). MURDER. Ja really needs to find another word to over use on his albums. This Freestyle has a nice production though, his lyrical splurges attack Proof and 50. Fatal attempts to help the beat and does on a minor scale. If your a fan of random gun fire this freestyle is your piece of Uzi cake.

14) The Wrap ((Freestyle)Feat. Hussein Fatal). This song has been exploding on mixtapes for so long, its a good thing that its finally released on an album. Ja delivers lyrical attacks on the mobb deep “Burn” beat so you know that the tracks got a strong production. Ja dosnt fail either as he places attacks at once again 50 Cent and also brags about attacking Proof. Fatal on the other hand fails to deliver. Ya’ll N****s is F**kin Clowns”.

This album has alot of overly used production and its not long enough. With a weak production and poorly fitted amount of tracks. Luckily some of Ja Rules songs has pulled him out of his gapping hole of R&B songs with label mate Ashanti. Welcome back Ja Rule we look forward to hear your last and next album before you retire to become an aspring actor. If you dont have love for Ja Rules choice of guest artists, i dont blame you but give this album a chance as it is his time of revolution. Overall this album is off its marking and is an album to get.