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Jay Z Retirement?

Posted By on January 15, 2005

Jay Z Last Album?
By: TrevorN

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, made the announcement of his
last albulm, at a press conference on the week of september 24th. He said
that the money raised from the Mattison Square Garden show will go towards
Russell Simmons’ Hip-Hop Summit Action Network and his own Shawn Carter
Scholarship Fund

JAY-Z has been said to be quiting the music business. He wil be ending
his music career with his next record ‘THE BLACK ALBUM’. In a recent interview
, JAY-Z invited the intiviewers upon his Jet and talked to them on how
he wanted to follow the foot steps of Eminem. By this, he meant that he
want to act in a feature film.

Jay-Z was reported to say to NME that his plan was to make the next albulm
"The Black Album" his last. Following up with "There comes
a time when you’ve got to go and challenge yourself with other areas,
you know what I’m saying? Take myself out of my comfort zone. Take the
safety blanket off.

JAY-Z added that he has will realease his Albulm at the same time he
releases his book called, "The Black Book" , which is an autobiography
on him. JAY-Z also stated that he found writing to be tough and that he
was ready to take on a new things.

JAY-Z was claimed to have said that he would consider having special
guests apear in the albulm. He has considered adding the song Bonnie And
Clyde from the last albulm JAY-Z and Prince did together. Another possible
song is when Beyoncé sings the bridge. So JAY-Z will probably have
that song as well. JAY-Z states that the albulm will probably be 90% him

For the future, Jay-Z hasn’t ruled out any plans for a movie and was
considering on actually doing a film much like that of the one Eminem
did in "8 Mile".

Jay-z has pretty much down everything in hip-hop and appears to be moving
on into a new genre of entertainment.